Thursday Roundup: Get Out of A Speeding Ticket, TV Style Prison Escape, Hotel Schemes & More

  • Here are 10 ways to get out of a speeding ticket. Don’t underestimate the Jedi mind trick; more cops than you’d expect are nerds at heart. (Or just pay $75 to a lawyer and get the stupid thing dismissed.)
  • OK, tell me this doesn’t sound like a movie plot.
  • Probably fake, but funny. (h/t Radley)
  • So I took a beating on AMR yesterday. But the…ahem…fundamentals are still sound. Ironically, the slowdown on the bailout hurt my day trading scheme, but it’s good for the rest of us. Never take a deal when they tell you that you need to sign right now. That goes for government bailouts and city owned convention center hotel schemes.

McCain Call to Palin Leaked

Awe. Some.

AMR Update (sigh)

Well, AMR never topped the low $12 range yesterday, and now it’s hovering around $11.30 this morning on news of the state of the bailout and oil prices. I’m just going to hold onto what I have and ride it out. Probably should have sold when it topped $12 yesterday, but I got cocky after a week and a half of solid successes and started getting greedy.

Revenge of the Bitter Gun Owners

My buddy Jacob Sullum, a Reason magazine editor who lives in Dallas, takes Obama to task for his lousy record on civil rights, i.e. the right to keep and bear arms, and how it may cost him the election come November.

Wednesday Roundup: Badass Skydivers, DFW Has Gas (Problems), Needs Editors

  • Now this is what you call hard core. Skydiving over Mount Everest. Awe. Some.
  • That old coot who keyed the Hummer in Southlake? He was a green weenie.
  • Okay, okay, Tim Rogers was right. Short-term gas shortages in some parts of the DFW.
  • Check the headline below. Someone at WFAA needs a lesson in headline writing. This will come as a shock to the mayor, who is pushing hard for the city-owned convention center hotel.

Texas Breaks Texas Laws for Two Parties

And the state refuses to obey its own laws and strike the names John McCain and Barack Obama from the Texas ballot, despite the fact they didn’t get their filing done by deadline. Katy Barr the door, indeed.

Latest News from Pinon Canyon

My update on Pinon Canyon is up today at Check it out.

Tuesday Roundup: Toy Gun Ban, Designer Vaginas, Banana v. Gorilla in FloMo & More

  • The brave move by the Dallas City Council to ban toy guns in the city limits has resulted in exactly no tickets or citations, despite the dire, imminent threat that toy guns posed to our boys in blue. Surely we weren’t lied to?
  • Apparently, some Dallas convicts think DNA is a magic talisman that will get them exonerated, even when they are guilty. One requested a test for a 24-year-old rape conviction. It proved he did it. Epic Fail.
  • I’m no doctor, but I’d have to say this woman should shut the hell up. If women want to enhance their hoo-hahs, it’s pretty much no one else’s business. Except their husbands, of course
  • Now, your moment of Zen, courtesy Flower Mound:

Fingers Crossed on Oil and AMR

So I bought AMR Monday when it dipped to $10.98. I’m thinking the oil run up today was more bubble than reality, and it will ease off tomorrow, which should push AMR back near $13. I’m not counting on it going much above that, but by my mediocre math skills that would be about an 18 percent gain in a day if I sell it then. Of course, I could be way wrong…

The Soccer Pod People Got Me

So three weeks ago I mentioned I hate soccer.

And then yesterday, I bought a whistle, cones, and other equipment.

Yep, they got me, too. I am Coach McGuirk, now.