The Army’s Colorado Land Grab: A Series

I’m about to start a running series over at The Land on the ongoing effort by the U.S. Army to condemn and seize 420,000 acres of prime ranch land in southeast Colorado, and the ranchers who are standing up to fight it. Here’s a little backgrounder from my visit last year to Pinon Canyon.


  1. Mr. Garrison,
    Thank you for your insights and impressions re: the PCMS expansion. I left a note on the Land Report site for you that if you aren’t on our list and would like to be just send me your e-mail.

    We are just finishing up our reply/comment on the Army’s report and you can access it at – just click on the PCEOC response link.

    Please don’t hesitate to e-mail us for any information you need from us and we’ll do what we can to get it for you.


    Lon Robertson, President