Tuesday Roundup: Problems in Plano, Shootout at the OK Corral, Cheerleaders ‘Kissing,’ The Failout & Palin Prep

  • My friend Scott Henson at Grits for Breakfast wonders what the hell is up in Plano? Cops using steroids, a DA and judge sleeping together, cops setting up a guy for a DWI, that bigot county commissioner who hounded a gay employee out of his job, and so much more. Yeah, well, um, er…at least we’re not Farmers Branch.
    "You're no daisy."

    "You're no daisy."

  • There was a gunfight at the OK Corral. Four are dead. Yesterday. Seriously.
  • High school cheerleaders suspended. For playing a song. “I kissed a girl.” No, really. A song.
  • The $700 billion bailout didn’t pass and even though the Dow fell Just. Six. Percent. the sky didn’t fall. Now let’s all take a deep breath, engage our reason, and not let panic lead us into supporting a bad idea. There are better ways to deal with this. Seriously — the people pushing this bailout on us are 1) the financial regulators who allowed this to happen, 2) the Bush administration, and 3) Congressional Democrats. And we’re supposed to oblige when they say, “Trust us?” I don’t think so.