Thursday Roundup: Dems and Republicans Break the Law, “Tell Me You Are Sorry”

  • Guess who failed to follow the law for getting their presidential candidates on the Texas ballots? John McCain and Barack Obama, that’s who. Both the Dems and the Republicans failed to certify their presidential candidates and report them to the Texas Secretary of State. Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate, is suing against all odds to make sure Texas follows the law, but he may as well try sweeping Jell-O. Why? Because the state won’t obey its own laws. At least for the two major parties. Texas kept the Green Party off the ballot in 2004 for this very reason. But the laws don’t apply to the major party rulers.
  • Dallas-based Reason editor Jacob Sullum picks up where Robert Guest leaves off, pointing out that Barack Obama and Sarah Palin have no answer as to why nearly 1 million Americans are arrested and jailed for simple pot possession each year, while they should be forgiven for their “youth indiscretions.”
  • Outlaw country icon and Squidbillies theme singer Billy Joe Shaver is living the country star life, including the indictment for shooting a guy in the face at a bar. Best part: Before he shot the guy, he asked, “Where do you want it?” and after he stood over the guy and demanded, “Tell me you are sorry.”