James Ragland: Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Metro columnist James Ragland posts about the Watauga shooting where a homeowner confronted a robber and got hurt. You never want to judge one of these until all the facts are in, but suddenly Ragland gets all Mycroft Holmes on us.

Another readers says the whole story’s fishy because the homeowner and the neighbor — who both happen to be hurt, by the way — reportedly didn’t provide a detailed description of the assailant. Hmmmm.

What? OK, to be fair, Ragland’s just giving some credence to the commenter’s point, but still.

You know who else never provides detailed descriptions of suspects? The Dallas Morning News. And the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. And pretty much every print daily out there. Seriously — they’ll describe a suspect’s clothing, height, weight, hat, and build, but conspicuously absent is always one identifying trait.