Monday Roundup: Thanks for the PC Loans Dallas, No More Paper or Plastic? & More

  • Say, you don’t buy the line that government-mandated, politically correct lending laws led to the financial crunch, do you? And yet here’s former Clinton administration HUD Secretary An drew Cuomo, talking about the settlement of a lending discrimination complaint against Accubank, a Texas lender whose loan requirements came under attack from Fort Worth community organizers and, (drumroll) the city of Dallas.

  • And now the Dallas City Council will answer for you on that question of paper or plastic, since it’s really none of your business anyway. Good lord.
  • Carrollton City Councilmember Herb Weidinger single-handedly derailed the new mayor’s planned citizen’s council on illegal immigration, meaning one less chance for that ‘burb to go down the wrong road like Farmers Branch did.


  1. lending laws says:

    How could politically correct lending laws lead to the financial crunch….come on….there is more to it than that.