Friday Roundup: Confidence Men, CPS Abuse, Colt’s Obligatory Human Interest Feature & More

  • You know that godawful trend where every Olympic hopeful has to have a telegenic, heart-wrenching human interest story during the games or they get disqualified? It’s infecting the race for the Heisman Trophy now. Colt McCoy is the latest victim.


  1. Frank says:

    Re: Article on the Paranormal

    I guess this was necessary since it is Halloween. Baylor recently released the results of a survey of religion in America. In addition to questions regarding religious beliefs, the survey also asked about belief in such things as Atlantis, Bigfoot, psychics, talking to the dead, haunted houses. The interesting part is which group tended towards belief in such things. Hint: it ain’t the “religious.” Here a link, with a link to the study results in the article.