Thursday Roundup: BailoutSleuth Rules, Lots of Guns, Halloweenies & More

  • Mark Cuban has something going right here with his new blog: a close-up look at what’s happening behind the federal bank failout. Skip to here to see all the fun stuff the government won’t let you know about how the $850 billion is being spent.
  • There’s a special hell for people who take a fun holiday like Halloween and turn it downright creepifying.
  • I’m punting on this one. Yeah, but no, but yeah, but…

Personal note: Since October 1, I’ve written close to 14,500 words for print publications — features, columns, and magazine briefs. I’m just about out from under water. This may have been my best freelancing month yet. Here’s to November being just as busy, which will mean a very Merry Christmas indeed.