Thursday Roundup: Green Fearmongers, MADD’s Jihad & More

  • I wrote a column a few months back in the Dallas Morning News on how pols and special interests use fear to push their agendas. Odd culprit of the day: environmentalists who want water companies to stop using chlorine gas to purify drinking water. “Millions of people remain unnecessarily vulnerable to toxic terrorism,” said Reece Rushing, the center’s director of regulatory and information policy.
  • The Texas Lege is just months away, and the crusaders at MADD are gearing up. They want sobriety check points and mandatory ignition interlocks for anyone convicted of a DWI. What’s the problem with that? Cue my attorney Robert Guest, who has the lowdown.


  1. Frank R says:

    Environmentalists with the misanthropic agenda have become among the most dangerous interest groups. From Global Warming to idiocies like the chlorine scare these nuts will stop at nothing.