Bettie Page, RIP

Probably reveals more than you wanted to know about my twisted psyche, but I always loved Bettie Page. She died yesterday. The world (at least for men) was better for her being here, and lessened by her passing.

Here are some galleries (NSFW) celebrating her career.


  1. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    There was something about Betty Page. No one could quite explain what. But the primitive and private sex-without-guile-or-guilt photos were a staple of all-American males (or mutations thereof) more than half a century.

    I appreciate the gallery you linked. It certainly takes me back to (Dallas’) Spence Jr. High where I sold copies at lunchtime and gym that my buddy Edward got from his brother Gerhardt who was in the navy. I knew I had the right kind of parents when they said nothing when I framed one photo and hung it on my ceiling over my bed next to the one of Marilyn Monroe and Tab Hunter.