Into the Air, Junior Birdmen!

I have discovered my next hobby. If you’re wondering what to get me for Christmas, there you go.


  1. BSG says:

    Some of that footage looks like that shown on an ESPN short I saw about three weeks ago. It was all fun and games until one of the flying guys hit a bridge, had his leg sheared off, and died.


  2. Lisa says:

    I vote No on this one…

  3. Doug says:

    FARK NO!!!

  4. Flow says:

    …and I’ll get one of those moose antler ball caps and we’ll go as Rocky and Bullwinkle next Halloween.

  5. CJ says:

    Seriously – one of the first things you do when you train to be a base jumper is write your own obituary. The attitude is it’s not a matter of if you will get injured (or killed), but when.