Monday Roundup: Busting Drug Cops, It’s Not News It’s AP, Death Penalty Conundrum, Dallas GOP & More

  • This may be the coolest thing this week — a show that puts drug cops under the spotlight, and it’s done with at least as much fairness as all the breathless, mouth-breathing reality cop shows like “DEA” and “Cops.” It’s called “Kop Busters,” and they stage houses to be raided by cops that use phony information to get illegal search warrants. Here’s a rundown on what Kop Busters does, and here’s raw footage of the raid where they punked Odessa narcotics officers. (Via Robert Guest via the Agitator via
  • This is one of those stories that belong in the “people actually meet online and date” file. Why should this be surprising in the least? What are modern video games except interactive entertainment?
  • Every time I think I’ve finally overcome my last vestiges of support of the death penalty– and it’s been a hard decision to settle on — along comes a guy who deserves it so much it throws a wrench into the works. Anyone else have this problem?
  • That’s it. I’m converting my daughter to Amish. Amishism. Whatever. Before she’s 16. And I’m giving her male classmates walking tours of my home armory. And the swampland where I can dump bodies.
  • My colleague Sam Merten does a bangup job profiling Jonathan Neerman’s vision for the future of the Dallas County Republican Party. Neerman hits a bulls-eye with this: “We spend too much time worrying about shit that doesn’t matter.” (*cough* gay marriage, border fence, school prayer, online gambling, Internet porn, gay adoption, the War on Drugs *cough*)


  1. Nathan says:

    Re: Neeramn and the “shit that doesn’t matter.”

    Of course, if Republicans quit worrying about gays, God, Mexicans and marijuana then we might all wake up to the uncomfortable truth that there aren’t that many people left in the Republican Party – or America for that matter – that truly advocate for limited government.

  2. Frank says:

    Don’t bet your life on that one Nathan. There is a reason Mr. Obama has shifted to the center.
    As one nasty joke making the rounds (again) pointed out – The government took control of the infamous Mustang Ranch for back taxes. After several years, they had to shut the operation down as unprofitable. So, how do we expect an entity that can’t make money selling booze and sex to be able to run anything else.

  3. Nathan says:

    Frank, I’d direct your attention to a wish list that’s been published by a group of Mayors from across the country, including our own republican mayor. Everybody’s hopping on the gravy train and Ron Paul’s still a congressman from Texas.

  4. The Democrat Party says:

    Didn’t this Neerman fellow just lead the Dallas GOP to it’s worst drubbing in the history of this city? Why yes, yes he did, by all means please take his advice to heart. And what about the most recent Republican Presidential candidate John McCain? Sure, he made a half hearted attempt to get in the good graces of social conservatives, but that was after years of saying they were the ruin of the Republican party and he was, and is, 100% in support of illegal immigration. In other words, he was the exact type of candidate the Jonathan Neerman wing of the Republican party wants. How did that work out for you? We look forward to the Neerman/McCain wing running the Republican party and hope you enjoy your permanent minority status.