Open Carry for Texas? Yes. For Me? I Don’t Know

First, let’s be real clear and get this out of the way first. I don’t think the federal, state, or any other government body has any proper power to restrict free people from owning or bearing firearms of any sort. I have a concealed handgun license, but philosophically it bothers me I had to get a license to exercise my natural right.

Guess where I had that concealed.

Guess where I had that concealed.

That out of the way, there’s a movement afoot in Texas to change the law to allow open carry — that is, in a rig that’s visible instead of concealed. I support the movement and the change in the law, but I’m not entirely clear on what I think of open carry for me.

Think about this. After decades of anti-gun propaganda we’ve gotten to the point people call the police when they see ordinary people carrying handguns or long guns anywhere short of at the shooting range. Possession of a gun is considered “suspicious” activity by police. The burden of proof and innocence falls on the ordinary person exercising his rights. How is that right? So one of the ideas behind open carry is that it will get people used to the idea that ordinary folks bearing arms is no big deal — which it isn’t, by the way. And that’s why I like open carry in general.

There are two schools of thought on open carry for the individual, and here’s where I’m conflicted. One says open carry may be a deterrent sometimes, but as often as not it’s a big target on your chest if you’re ever somewhere there’s a bad guy about to do bad things. They’ll go after you first. I don’t know that I entirely buy that — bad guys like the path of least resistance — but I do like keeping my own status low-profile just because I don’t like drawing attention. Outside of print. That is, pretty much if I’m in public, I’m going to be armed, but I don’t see why anyone on the street has to know that.

Shoot-me-first vest

Shoot-me-first vest

On the other hand, this is Texas, and eight months out of the year it’s t-shirt/shorts weather. It can be difficult to conceal a primary handgun and backup on your body, and damn if I’m wearing one of those “shoot-me-first” vests. There have been days I would have preferred not to worry whether my sidearms were showing. And come on — it’s just unfashionable to pair a heavy leather belt with shorts and flip-flops.

I definitely want the option. I’m just not sure I’d take advantage of it.


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