The Most Clicked On Viewpoints Column at the Dallas Morning News Award Goes To…

your humble blogger. That’s what’s posted at the Dallas Morning News site.

Readers of daily commentary selected by the Editorial Department in 2008 most often clicked on columns about the two presidential candidates, with notable essays ranging from why a local Republican planned to vote for Barack Obama to a conservative columnist recommending that Sarah Palin remove her name from the ticket. Love him or hate him, Mark Davis was the only Viewpoints columnist to land multiple spots – three – on the Top 10 list. And the top vote-getter was local writer Trey Garrison who made a case for why he prefers neighbors who share his values and socioeconomic background.

You can read that column here.


  1. Grant says:

    Dude, that’s awesome. Wanna make out?

  2. Rawlins Gilliland says:


    And congrats on having survived the original fallout following.

    If you recall (you do); the funny (although certainly not then) thing is how many people who clicked and/or wrote you initially were many of them totally misinterpreting your piece and making you out to be: 1) the evil messiah of hateful intolerance (at the very least) or 2) and a rabble rousing hero advocating born-again throw-down-the-gauntlet racial ‘bring it on’ warfare (at the very worst).

    AH 2008!

    If there is anything we’ve all learned it is that people read what they want to read. But the latest trend is for them then to tell YOU (the writer) What YOU (actually) ‘meant’. They see no irony in that. And when/if you try to ‘explain’ in response, they say 1) you are ‘back-peddling’ or 2) ‘digging yourself in deeper’ or 3) lying.

    Ah 2009!

    Congrats. And Happy New Year.

  3. Sam Merten says:

    Kudos, Trey. Unlike Grant, I’ll pass on the make-out session and ask for a fist bump or modified man hug. Or lunch would work too.

  4. Hood says:

    You reek of awesome and win.

  5. Flow says:

    A talking monkey could do your job.

    Seriously, a monkey.

  6. Tex says:

    I disagree with Hood, I think you reek of fail and aids.

  7. O2C says:

    A good article, more awesome for the reactions it was guaranteed to generated than the content – I didn’t actually see a lot of “why” in there, but a bunch of “why the other thing sucks”.

  8. Max Girth says:


    That’s one of the best opinion pieces I’ve read in a long time.

    Whoever you stole it from did a great job. :bergman: