Thursday Roundup: Fishy Searches in Addison, Fishy Hotel Claims, Fishy Bailouts & More

  • Mr. Jones said that bookings at the center are up 20 percent to 25 percent over last year on word of progress on the hotel.” I’m sorry, I don’t believe there’s any evidence of causation at all, and Philip Jones has shown that he is not factually neutral when it comes to pushing the city into this $550 million (and growing) boondoggle.
  • North Texas cities are lining up at the trough. Their list of items they want the rest of America to pay for is — frankly disgraceful: skate parks, tennis centers, unmanned drones (for God’s sake), and the biggest joke of all, hundreds of millions for the city-owned taxpayer hotel, which is such a great investment it already needs a bailout.
  • “I’m a simple country boy from Nebraska, and all I want from politicians is to educate my grandchildren and give me highways I can drive on,” said Larry Ihfe, who smoked at the Dallasite bar in East Dallas while watching the council session on television. “I have to have a four-wheel-drive truck to drive the streets in Dallas, and the City Council is more concerned about me smoking in a bar.” I have nothing to add. Except a disgusted head shake.


  1. EB says:

    Sr. Cpl. David Bridges taught his son well. Bravo.

    If a police officer asks to search you or your vehicle. Say, “NO!” If he has probable cause, he’s not going to ask.

  2. Flow says:

    I looked for this fancy schmancy hotel you keep talking about, but I couldn’t find it. So I went with the Radisson instead.

  3. More background here, here, and here.