Thursday Roundup: Inland Port, Leppert Silences the Masses, Selling Fear & More

  • Jim Schutze gets what I’ve been saying about this inland port “master plan” scam. Good stuff, especially on how the Perot’s interests are involved. Except as my friend Michael Davis points out — he goes overboard in making point about South Dallas. I’ve been guilty of that, too; Michael’s point being that South Dallas is no more a homogeneous block than any other part of Dallas.
  • You’re the ex-FBI agent who helped fumble the OKC bombing investigation a decade ago, and now you’re in the security business for yourself. How do you drum up business? Why, spread a little fear around and watch the media lap it up.
  • And speaking of — you know the recent judge’s ruling that red-light cameras in Texas are illegal? (Woo hoo!) Buried at the end of this story, you have the claim that, “Even if the judge is right, it doesn’t affect any of the past notices that have been issued. If you get [a citation] before the court takes any action, you need to pay it.” This is absolutely false. You do not need to pay a red-light camera fine. It does not affect your driving record, your driver’s license, and it cannot be used against your credit rating. There is absolutely no consequence for refusing to pay one of these illegally levied fines. Tear it up the ticket and throw it away. Show some backbone and assert your rights.