Tuesday Roundup: Leppert Wants a Hotel Bailout, Russ Martin Off the Air & More

  • Mayor Tom Leppert’s hat-in-hand visit to DC was more embarrassing than I thought. According to the folks at “Citizens Against The Taxpayer-Owner Hotel,” Leppert asked for pork to pay for the $550 million convention center hotel project. Anne Raymond, whose heading up the opposition to the hotel project, was at no loss for words. “Following in the footsteps of failed Wall Street banks and automakers, Leppert’s request for federal funds for a hotel bailout illustrates exactly what a money-losing venture this would be.” Saving grace? Leppert’s just one in a long line of city mayors lining up at the trough for a feeding.
  • One of the movers behind the brilliant DISD grading policy — the one where you get to retake tests until you pass and homework can’t be counted against you if it would lower your grade — is leaving.
  • I’m betting the firing of Russ Martin isn’t going to go over well in the short or long term. His fans are uncommonly committed, and I just don’t see yet another sports radio station making much of a dent in The DFW.


  1. Frank says:

    The DISD grading policy is the most absurd piece of trendiness imaginable. When I left the education field 30 years ago, I thought that teachers were inordinately prone to implementing the latest fluff to come out of universtiy education programs. It has not changed. This policy does the kids no favors. It simply reinforces an already overblown sense of entitlement on the part of students and their parents.

    Come to think of it, I guess we are seeing this policy play out in the buisness world too. The automakers are asking for yet another chance to get it right. Just as in educatoin, taxpayers will foot the bill for inferior product.