Dallas Developer H. Walker Royall Still Trying to Muzzle Free Speech

From Jacob Sullum over at Hit n’ Run:

Over at Real Clear Politics, journalist Carla Main and her publisher at Encounter Books, Roger Kimball, discuss the libel suit they face as a result of her 2007 book, Bulldozed: “Kelo,” Eminent Domain, and the American Lust for Land. Dallas developer H. Walker Royall is suing them, along with a writer who favorably reviewed the book, the newspaper that published the review, and University of Chicago legal scholar Richard Epstein, who wrote a blurb for the book, because he did not like the way he came across in it:

As we see it, Royall’s case against us is not an ordinary libel suit. It is a suit aimed at suppressing the process of investigative journalism and the free circulation of ideas. In his complaint, Royall does not identify a single word of Bulldozed that libels him. He says only that “the gist” of the book defames him….

Royall has picked on the most vulnerable people he could find—writers, a scholar, a nonprofit publisher and a community newspaper. He didn’t sue more powerful venues, such as The Wall Street Journal, which favorably reviewed “Bulldozed,” or the Cato Institute’s Regulation magazine, which have the resources and the lawyers to defend themselves.

Main and Kimball, who are represented by the Institute for Justice, also summarize the Freeport, Texas, eminent domain case at the center of Bulldozed, in which Royall figures prominently. I noted Royall’s habit of suing his critics last month.


  1. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Well my question is; are we sued then for calling the lawsuit a crock of ham urine? (a unique form of toxic waste created in the Hormel Institute of Postumous Porcine Study)

  2. JCrown says:

    We have courts in the US so people resolve their disputes peacefully. Glad he decided to use them!!

  3. Will Carr says:

    The eminent domain case in Freeport must be seen in historical light….going back to the Texas Revolution. Brazoria County was the primary settlement point for the majority of the immigrant slave holders. While Moses Austin died looking for lead mines in Texas and Mexico….having left the Missouri mines when they played out….he died leaving Stephen, his son in charge. Combine this with the fact that in Freeport Texas, area was sitting on a sulphur dome….the largest in the Western Hemisphere. Therefore emerges, Freeport McMoran Sulphur on whose board has sat the leading war profiteers of the Western Hemisphere (Henry Kissinger, etc) ….lead and sulphur for gun powder and whalah…..the arsenal of freedom combined with the Walker Colt, Remingtons and other weapons to counter the external threats….internal ones and the most lucrative segement of all….the imagined ones.

    The lust for land runs in these veins as surely as Thomas Jeffeson’s blood ran in the offspring of Sally Hemmings.

    Anyway…..Walker Royall feels, I am sure, a proprietary right to land in Brazoria County, TX. and suspect that his is related to both the Walker….as in the Bush/Walker clan and the William Walker fillibusterer who used Galveston just the east of Brazoria and the leading port before George and Herman Brown circumvented it by digging the Houston Ship Channel.

    The owner of the land in Brazoria that Hiram Walker Royall ejected is named Gore. I would be very interested to know his connection to the Gore political family of Tennessee……remember that the ties of the Tennessee Vols to Texas is also very significant. I’d be interested to know if Hiram Walker Royall is related to Kenneth C Royall from North Carolina and Secretary of the Army who refused against executive order to desegregate the US military.

    HIstorically anything goes along this section of the Texas coast from bucaneering and privateering and filibustering with its contraband and smuggling to, well…..just about anything else.

    Remember that whatever rises must converge and that yesterdays turnips are todays turds and that today ‘s turds….hopefully….will become tomorrows tulips.