Following the brouhaha my previous posting kicked up here and at FrontBurner, here’s Radley Balko’s take on the collateral damage caused by the War on Drugs in the new issue of Reason. (PS — How do we not expect violence when government declares “war” on something?)

Drug prohibition, writes Senior Editor Radley Balko, militarizes our police, enriches our enemies, undermines our laws, and condemns our sick to suffering. Even if the drug war were working—which it is not—you’d have a difficult time arguing that the benefits would be worth the costs.

Read all about it here.


  1. The war on drugs has been an abject failure.

  2. amanda says:

    I was called for jury duty maybe 15 or more years ago…juror number 2. Toby Shook, a rakish devil at the time, was prosecuting…you guessed it, a drug case. During voire dire, my views (leaning Libertarian) on legalization were brought up from my juror form. The implication was that I was a drug user. Uh, no. As Trey rightly pointed out here and on subesquent threads (FB)…what we are doing, have been doing for years is failing. There are a certain percentage of people who will use (ciggies, gin, pot, etc.). Legal or not. Restricted or not. Taxed or not.

    I’m all for legalizing it, and taxing it, all of it.