Friday Roundup: You Just Bought Superbowl Tickets, ExxonMobil Sets Record, Obama’s Tantrum & More

  • It appears your tax dollars are going to pay for the mayors of Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth to attend the Superbowl. It’s “research” donchaknow.
  • The weird part is, there are plenty of people who will actually criticize ExxonMobil for setting a new high in annual profits. I’d say I’d like to know why, but the truth is I don’t want to know those kind of toxic people, and I just don’t care what they think because frankly, they’re losers.
  • The current resident of the public housing on Pennsylvania Avenue (who incidentally has never held a real job) and who wants to give $1 trillion in taxpayer money to the thieves at ACORN, to lazy welfare recipients, to untalented painters, and to other pork projects, is throwing a tantrum over a mere $18 billion in private money. Mr. Obama, shut up. ($600 million to buy government employees new cars. Seriously.)
  • Does it occur to anyone else that the kind of people who either weren’t aware of the digital conversion or who can’t afford the converter box probably should spend less time watching television?


  1. Frank says:

    So, why wasn’t the headline about the 38% per share slip in 4th quarter profits from a year ago? Vilify the producers and deify the moochers. St. O is leading the way.

  2. Steve says:

    Best. Roundup. Ever.

    Shooting from the hip and telling it like it is. We need more of this from all journalists.

  3. Tom says:

    I don’t have an issue with the mayors’ research junket, so long as the economies of the three cities earn that money back (and a lot more) after the Big Game is played in North Texas.
    I hope they’re flying commerical. If private jets are involved, I take it all back.

  4. Frank says:

    Gosh, things just got measurably better. The President just created a special task force to address the problems of the middle class. The icing on the cake is that he appointed lunch bucket Joe Biden to head the task force. Can’t think of anyone better.
    Anyone want to bet that one problem they won’t uncover is too much taxation or government meddling in our lives?

  5. Amy S says:

    Is it “not a real job” if you write a book? How about a blog? As someone who is self-employed and work out of my home, does that mean I’m not working a “real job”?

    Maybe the real issue is that these bozo’s on Wall Street had the worst year ever and did not really earn one penny in bonuses that they took? And the excuse? “We have to retain the talent”. Well excuse me but talent like that is what sunk the ship. Let them go and try to find a job in this economy, bet they don’t.

    I have a different persepective. Let’s spend it up now for stimulus and hope that it’s enough to set off inflation – it’s the only way we have any hope of spending down the deficit that was started many years ago. With tomorrows dollars being cheaper than todays, it would accellerate the paydown time.

    I worked in a bank in the 1980′s, a 5 year CD paid 16%, yes there was rapid price inflation, but the economy was not suffering as it is today. If anything it spurred quick purchasing, because tomorrow products would cost more.

    Perhaps I’m wrong, but the economy works in cycles, and I think if you look beyond now, you can see a recycling of inflation in our future.

  6. “there will be time for them to make profits… . Now is not that time.” -Wesley Mouch

  7. Ed Cognoski says:

    Satire, right?