I have my doubts

At What Is Your Web Site Worth? I entered my site’s URL, and lo and behold.

This website is worth
What is your website worth?

Still, I’ll entertain offers. If I don’t pay off Jabba, I’m a dead man.


  1. $64.00 I’m rich bitch!

  2. Pylades says:

    This German blog:
    was just sold for 46’902 Euros on Ebay (that worked out to $62’378 on the day of the sale).
    Seeing how that website says it should have been worth $2’496’572, a quick calculation ((62’378/2’496’572)*115’860) implies that your website is worth about $2895. Still, not too bad. ;)

  3. Jabba the Hutt says:

    I’ve got no use for smugglers that dump their load of Cuban cigars at the first sign of a Coast Guard cutter, Garrison. Especially when they see that cutter from the window of their cushy airline seat.