Monday Update: Independent Social Security, Basketball Blowouts, Buffalo Bob in Dallas & More

  • Everyone knows the story of the 100-0 girls’ basketball shutout, and now the coach of the winning team has been fired for disagreeing with the apology to the losing team. My only question: Why did the losing coach field a team in competition that he knew was so obviously unready? If they wanted to play for fun, play for fun, but don’t enter high school sports if you’re not ready for it.
  • Know how this could have been prevented? How about the 12-year-old kid’s parents bother checking on their son’s text messages to see if a creepy adult man is texting the child love notes? I know my 5-year-old will want an iPhone or Sidekick or whatever the latest gadget is in a few years. And I’ll get it for her. But do you think she’ll send a single text or email that I don’t look at? Now, I’m not singling out these parents — and this kid’s parents haven’t done anything like this so far; I cite them as a jumping off point for discussion — but generally what happens in cases like this is the parents end up demanding more regulation of communications which burdens the rest of us (COPA, Online Decency Act), instead of just taking the effort to raise their own child.
  • And speaking of creepy. I suspect we’ll be having an increase in the number of dates involving lines like “Does this handkerchief smell like chloroform?” (one of my favorite pickup lines), because someone may be making a lady-skin coat.


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