Tuesday Roundup: With Friends Like These, BS City Staffer Reports & More

  • You know, after a friend of mine kills himself, nothing makes me feel better than a movie. A lord knows after I see a friend take a pistol, put it to his head, and pull the trigger on an empty chamber, I usually just watch as he calmly loads the gun and does it again. W? T? F?
  • You know who I love on the Dallas city council? Mitch Rasansky, that’s who. Agree or not, he’s crotchety and blunt and speaks his mind. Where else do you find a smart, savvy politician who calls city staff liars?
  • Look, I’m not making light of the fact this guy was beaten and killed in a parking lot at a nightclub, but this photo that Channel 5′s web site chose to run — you tell me what it looks like, because I sure thought that’s exactly what that was.