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Scenes From the Capitalist Tea Party — Atlas Shrugs in Dallas

The first thing I thought was amazing when I pulled up to Victory Arena at 11 a.m. was that there were about 250 people. Given that the thing was only announced three days ago, on Twitter of all places, and with no local organizational muscle behind it — I expected a smaller turnout on a weekday. Because let’s be honest — lefties always have good turnout at their rallies because, well, lefties don’t have jobs. Ones that matter, anyhow.

The second thing I noticed was the three banners flying high — the Gadsden flag. My favorite. Here it is.

The rally was inspired by Rick Santelli’s now famous rant from the stock floor on CNBC. I was there with Glenn Hunter, editor of the mighty, mighty D CEO Magazine, the pro-business pub put out by D. And Glenn’s hair. It’s amazing.

“I’ve never been to a protest in my life,” said one of the local organizers, Phillip Dennis, who is not affiliated with any group or party. He said Obama’s stimulus plan, the object of the rally’s disdain, was “taxation without deliberative representation” since not one of the House members who voted for it read the 800-plus pages of handouts, pork, and Democrat party whims.

“This is citizen activism 101,” said James Dickey, one of the other grassroots organizers.

What really warmed the cockles of my cold, unreconstructed capitalist heart was that this was simply an uprising against the socialist designs laid out in Obama’s trillion dollar spending and entitlement plan. It was a pro free market rally. The message was exactly what my friend from Portland wrote for my blog earlier this week.

Ralliers dunked pages of the stimulus plan in a vat of tea, shades of Boston 1773. Loved it.

Jump for more photos.

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Friday Roundup: Captain Obvious Edition

  • Twenty-one Dallas police officers got disciplined for violating the city’s no-chase police back in September. The policy says police can only pursue suspects who are dangerous felons. The idea is to reduce the risk of accidental injury and death for both police and innocent bystanders. Who wants to get run over or in a crash because an officer is chasing someone who shoplifted sunglasses, right? One of the officers in the September chase crashed out and was seriously injured. Here comes the irony: “There’s also criticism that two officers suspended provided life saving assistance to one of their own.” An officer who, ironically, wouldn’t have been injured if he has just obeyed the no-chase policy.
  • We live in a state where two of every three households has a gun. We live in a world where knowledge = power. We live in a reality where ignorance is dangerous. And yet this woman in Garland lives in a world where a safety program designed to protect children has no place. Too. Much. Stupid.

  • Who could foresee any public hand-wringing over the fact a Spanish company (Spain is in Europe, where Spaniards come from, not South America, where Mexicans come from) won the bid to do the work on LBJ Freeway? Who? Captain Ob… you get the idea. (I suppose those angry about this would rather pay more in taxes so an American company would do the construction? And wouldn’t that be a form of affirmative action?)

Allison: Hold That Hotel

Wick shows why we definitely need a hold on that convention center hotel: there are changes in the works that may make the need for taxpayer funding obsolete by bringing in private investment. Go. Read. Now.

I Will Be Tea-Bagging Tomorrow Morning

Not remotely how that sounded.

There’s going to be a “Chicago Tea Party” protest tomorrow at 11 a.m. at Victory Park to protest the Eleventy Jillion Dollar Bailout Plan. It’s sponsored by a number of groups, and the details are on Facebook.

Thursday Roundup: Harshing Drug Warriors’ Mellow, It’s Dead Jim, Twitter Twaddle & More

  • A rare moment of near sanity in the War on Certain Drugs: a Fort Worth guy whose brother hid drugs in his house was sentenced to just probation. Now, this is a guy who wasn’t a dealer, has no criminal record, and passed drug tests for two years. Sure, he knew they were there, but who narcs out family? Naturally, narcotics officers are livid. They should probably smoke a fattie and chill out.
  • Angela Hunt declares the Trinity Tollway dead. Given the levees a-gone break and the city’s a-gone broke, hard to disagree with her diagnosis.
  • Magic Eight Ball sez: Unlikely. (You just know the real winner is going to get hunted after a secret online auction in Hostel II.)
  • Here’s at least one thing Rep. Joe Barton of Texas shouldn’t apologize for: tweeting “Aggie basketball game is about to start on espn2 for those of you that aren’t going to bother watching pelosi smirk for the next hour.” We need more of this, not less.
  • Want two reasons the Democrats are going to lose control of the House in 2010? There‘s the first. And there’s the second. (Smells so much like 1993, don’t it? Thank you, Mr. Obama — you are generous. Oh, and Mr. Holder — Molon Labe. We were ready for it, this time.

Where I’ll Be Saturday Between 9 a.m. and Noon — Buying Cheap Guns

Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway’s plan is to give $50 Kroger gift certificates to anyone who turns in an unloaded, functioning firearm. The program commences at 9 a.m. on Saturday at Reunion Arena.

My plan is to be there with envelopes containing $65 in cash each, to give to anyone in exchange for really well-maintained, functioning firearms that are on my wish list.

I figure $65>$50, and cash is better than a gift card.

And I will give these poor, unwanted guns a loving home.

So let’s do some business.

UPDATE: I am serious. I’m checking into the legal side of this to make sure my bases are covered, but I don’t see any problem. Sales between individuals aren’t regulated, I’m not required to do background checks on people I’d buy from, and Reunion Arena is public property.

UPDATE #2: I’m looking for a volunteer to videotape this little outing I have planned Saturday morning. Email me at

UPDATE #3: Oh my. My my my.

Wednesday Roundup: Lousy Sex Ed, Wifebeaters, Tax on Stupidity & More

  • Now at the UT Arlington campus — where friends of many colors come together, if only through Photoshop — they’re hosting the “Human Race Machine” which shows you how you’d look if you were another race. Or, as I like to call it, Photoshop.
  • First Lesson: You can’t win a lottery you didn’t enter. (Second Lesson: You can’t win the lottery.)
  • OK, I’ll host the thing. Don’t like the company’s message; hate busybody scolds even more, though.

Stimulus: Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There

I try to keep this blog focused on The DFW — as we hip folks call it — but a friend of mine who’s a strategic marketing consultant in Portland sent me this, and it was just too good to pass up.

Times are tough. Some banks made some stupid loans. More than a generation of poor business practices are finally sinking the Detroit auto industry. And everyone is nervous.

Today on a plane, completely unannounced and for no reason whatsoever, as we were coming in to land, the stewardess handed out $20 gift certificates to McCormick & Schmick’s Steakhouse. This is the third McCormick & Schmick’s gift certificate I’ve gotten in under 2 months. It got me thinking:

Because people aren’t spending, merchants are dropping their prices to lure in customers. Falling prices encourage spending and restart the economy. However not every business can afford to cut prices. The ones that can’t, fail. But that’s OK, because then the ones that didn’t go out of business can pick up their assets at bargain prices, allowing them to grow and get stronger while helping pull us out of this nosedive.

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Picture Imperfect Diversity at UTA

My fellow comic book geek and the coolest teacher you’ll ever meet, David Hopkins, caught this one on the University of Texas Arlington website:

Can’t get three white girls and a black girl together for a photo? That’s what Photoshop is for.