CBS 11 Does the Obligatory “Gun Sales Are Up” Story

About four months late to the game, CBS 11 did the “Obama election drives up local gun sales” story last night. It’s been done pretty much in every market, big and small, since before last November.

Not that I’m complaining. Anything that puts more guns “on the street” and in the hands of ordinary folks is a good thing. Welcome to the party, neo-hoplophiles. Two words to memorize: Molon Labe.

My problem? All these n00bs are driving up prices.

Not that concern about Mr. Obama’s anti-gun leanings aren’t quite legitimate — take a look at this new anti-Second Amendment bill winding its merry way through the same Congress that passes a more than $1 trillion spending bill (including interest) without even reading it.


  1. Ed Cognoski says:

    Shouldn’t this story be titled, “Trey Garrison Does the Obligatory “More Guns are Good” Story”?

  2. Mateo says:

    war is peace, right? i love the idea of the indomitable human spirit never being unarmed in case another indomitable spirit wants to steal his goods.

  3. keith johnson says:

    Ed do you really believe citizens that are alarmed about the attack on the 2A are “wingnut, conspiratorial, paranoid…”
    The 1st ammendment seems to be working out pretty good for you, why the dismissal of the 2nd?