Friday Roundup: Captain Obvious Edition

  • Twenty-one Dallas police officers got disciplined for violating the city’s no-chase police back in September. The policy says police can only pursue suspects who are dangerous felons. The idea is to reduce the risk of accidental injury and death for both police and innocent bystanders. Who wants to get run over or in a crash because an officer is chasing someone who shoplifted sunglasses, right? One of the officers in the September chase crashed out and was seriously injured. Here comes the irony: “There’s also criticism that two officers suspended provided life saving assistance to one of their own.” An officer who, ironically, wouldn’t have been injured if he has just obeyed the no-chase policy.
  • We live in a state where two of every three households has a gun. We live in a world where knowledge = power. We live in a reality where ignorance is dangerous. And yet this woman in Garland lives in a world where a safety program designed to protect children has no place. Too. Much. Stupid.

  • Who could foresee any public hand-wringing over the fact a Spanish company (Spain is in Europe, where Spaniards come from, not South America, where Mexicans come from) won the bid to do the work on LBJ Freeway? Who? Captain Ob… you get the idea. (I suppose those angry about this would rather pay more in taxes so an American company would do the construction? And wouldn’t that be a form of affirmative action?)


  1. Amy S says:

    Umm, technically Mexico is in from North America? Then there’s Central America below that, then there’s South America.

  2. Frank R says:

    “And yet this woman in Garland lives in a world where a safety program designed to protect children has no place.”

    I guess if you just ignore some things they will magically go away.

  3. Amy, it was a joke.

  4. Amy S says:

    Sorry, up late last night. Double header in North Carrollton. I need more coffee.

  5. So how do the police know who has shoplifted the sunglasses and who has just murdered their wife and her lawyer? Probably can’t tell from the license plate.

  6. Amy S — compare prices at

    Phillip — If the call is for a murderer, chase. If for shoplifting, don’t chase.