Monday Roundup: Criminal Law Generator, Tally Me Homeless, Aging Boomers & More

  • This is awesome. Robert Guest has created an easy-to-use formula for generating new criminal laws in Texas. (This is important since the Lege measures success by how many new laws — no matter how asinine — they pass in a session.)
  • This week is the annual counting of the homeless. And next week we’ll have the annual running of the homeless. I remember the first time I ran with them, inspired by Hemingway. Guy next to me got gored by one of the horns. Dangerous? Sure. But what a festival.
  • I get the feeling this is the kind of guy who isn’t happy unless he’s bellyaching about something, and that if he considers carpet fuzz in a creek a “nightmare” then there’s really no consoling him.
  • From Dallas-based NCPA: Baby Boomers are getting really, horribly old, and they’re going to cost us way too much in Social Security, health care, mom jeans, Botox, and retirement. I submit once again a solution I’ve been proposing since the 1980s for the Baby Boomers: Carousel.


  1. Peterk says:

    I expect your friendly reminder to be on a t-shirt soon. that is just too funny all sorts of images are running through head

  2. Robert Guest says:

    I am glad you enjoyed the article. I only wish I could think of a better name for the Generator. TCLG is too generic? Any ideas?

  3. Monica says: