Tuesday Roundup: Lousy TV Reports, Your Consent Is Inconvenient, DISD Takeover a Red Herring? & More

  • I was all ready with a “so now Dallas is more dangerous than _____” joke, but after watching this news report three times, I don’t know 1) if the guy shot was stationed in a combat zone, 2) what the hell happened, and 3) why I watched a television news report three times.
  • Yeah, how dare parents inconvenience the state by asking their permission to store samples of their children’s DNA? What, you think you have some sort of privacy or civil rights?

The Zac Crain Love Post

Zac Crain is known for his Dallas mayoral bid and his Magical Beard of Many Colors, but apparently he has a side hobby of writing. When he’s not watching television.

Do yourself a flavor and check out his outstanding profile of Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins in this month’s D Magazine, and his new book about the life and tragic murder of Pantera guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott.

Monday Roundup: You Can’t Spell Disdain without D-I-S-D, Bolton Fired Again, Yoga is De Debil, Twitter Twaddle & More

Mark Cuban Raps

(Via a friend.)

Plano ISD — Not Too Shabby; They Like Guns

I admit I was wary of enrolling my 5-year-old in Plano public schools. Not that the performance isn’t stellar, it’s just I’ve got a problem with the 19th Century model of education Horace Mann imported from Prussia, with its attendant groupthink zeitgeist and conformity factory ways. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well the school is run overall, and yesterday I found something in her homework package that warmed my heart.

We’ve all heard stories about kids getting suspended or expelled for so much as drawing a picture of a gun or having a cake knife in their car. So it was pleasuresome to see her homework page, which was to paste pictures of words beginning with the letter G on a page. Here’s the page.

Look at the item on the bottom left. It’s a gun. It’s not being treated like something forbidden. In fact, they’ve already had lessons about gun safety, none of which declared guns to be “teh evil” they’re portrayed as in some ISDs.

It’s Time for Atlas to Shrug

Letter from the Boss here.

Friday Roundup: DART Still Losing Money, Unsafer Dallas & More

  • Dallas SWAT are cooling their heels at President Bush’s new house. Which means poker games, neighbors of people with warrants, small-time pot smokers, and barking dogs won’t be getting shot up.
  • There’s money to be made in banning cell phones while driving. So you know the Texas Lege is all over it like a hostage on a ham sandwich.

Thursday Roundup: Damn the Torpedoes, RepubliCon Governor, God Isn’t His Co-Pilot? & More

  • I’m not saying it’s not odd to have a 22-year-old in a class with 13-year-olds. Clearly it is. But why the reflex assumption that an adult in a classroom with teenagers is automatically creepy? Seems an unwarranted swipe at DISD.
  • Hero North Texas pilot Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger didn’t get all God-dy enough for this guy. Should he have mentioned that God sent those birds into the plane’s engines? Ugh.
  • What exactly is smart about pumping air into a deflating bubble, rewarding the irresponsible, and punishing people who bought homes within their means and who make their payments on time?

PETA Ad in El Paso Ticks Off Fox News; TG.com Demands Dallas Showing

“Well, imagine walking down the street and you see two half-naked women on a blow-up bed, kissing and posing provocatively.”

OK. I’m imagining. Keep talking. Slowly.

(And does reporter Megyn Kelly seem perpetually ticked off? Which, okay, that’s kinda nasty hot, too. Like she knows how to choke someone out.)

Seriously though, I demand this campaign come to Dallas so we can judge it properly.

Wednesday Roundup: Dallas City Council to Citizens — Suck It, Shouting Extremities & More

  • If this one doesn’t stink like five-day old tuna, nothing does. I guess it’s too much to ask Mayor Leppert and the pro-hotel lackeys to respect the will of Dallas voters. This is looking more and more like a used car scam than anything else.
  • Boy, the Dallas City Council really, really doesn’t like having you peons and peasants talk back, do they? Interesting bit of trivia: more people signed the Citizens Against a Taxpayer Owned Hotel petition than voted in the last council election.