Scenes From the Capitalist Tea Party — Atlas Shrugs in Dallas

The first thing I thought was amazing when I pulled up to Victory Arena at 11 a.m. was that there were about 250 people. Given that the thing was only announced three days ago, on Twitter of all places, and with no local organizational muscle behind it — I expected a smaller turnout on a weekday. Because let’s be honest — lefties always have good turnout at their rallies because, well, lefties don’t have jobs. Ones that matter, anyhow.

The second thing I noticed was the three banners flying high — the Gadsden flag. My favorite. Here it is.

The rally was inspired by Rick Santelli’s now famous rant from the stock floor on CNBC. I was there with Glenn Hunter, editor of the mighty, mighty D CEO Magazine, the pro-business pub put out by D. And Glenn’s hair. It’s amazing.

“I’ve never been to a protest in my life,” said one of the local organizers, Phillip Dennis, who is not affiliated with any group or party. He said Obama’s stimulus plan, the object of the rally’s disdain, was “taxation without deliberative representation” since not one of the House members who voted for it read the 800-plus pages of handouts, pork, and Democrat party whims.

“This is citizen activism 101,” said James Dickey, one of the other grassroots organizers.

What really warmed the cockles of my cold, unreconstructed capitalist heart was that this was simply an uprising against the socialist designs laid out in Obama’s trillion dollar spending and entitlement plan. It was a pro free market rally. The message was exactly what my friend from Portland wrote for my blog earlier this week.

Ralliers dunked pages of the stimulus plan in a vat of tea, shades of Boston 1773. Loved it.

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Sign of the times:

Points for creativity:

Spirit of 1773:

This is a picture of my dogs, because it was still on the camera’s memory card.


  1. Tom says:

    So what do the dogs say about the stimulus plan? They appear to be for it, so long as their blankets don’t get taxed.

  2. Nathan says:

    Irony: a bunch of people protesting government spending in the middle of a taxpayer subsidized development*, that’s serviced by a public transit system that’s funded by pork and has its own budget problems, that’s in the middle of a neighborhood where people spend far more than they earn, that’s next to a river that is the center piece of an ambitious public works project that will consume hundreds of millions of dollars in congressional earmarks, that’s in the middle of a city that want’s to socialize the hotel business.

    My question is where are these people during the Republican Primaries when we keep sending people like Pete Sessions and John Cornyn to Washington?

    *that’s intended to remind visitors of a more famous square in a far more liberal city!

  3. seguin says:

    Guess that’s what I get for not being on “twitter” or whatever that is. I don’t even know how to twit. Seriously, they just need to stop coming up with new crap so I can catch up.

    Anyway…Love the Gadsden flag, but we got our own, dangit, the Gonzales flag.

    And yes, the Dart rail does suck. As does the Trinity River Project. In fact, I’d like to dump the whole Dallas City Council into White Rock.

  4. CJ says:

    I guess St. Louis is about fourt times as pissed off about the stimulus as Dallas is.