Tuesday Roundup: More Crooked Cops, The Death of Choice, Aliens & More

  • False arrest, police lying until a videotape shows reality doesn’t jibe with their accounts, a pattern of illegal searches, civil rights violationsand all the DPD officers involved remain on duty. I’ve heard this song before. And the first commenter calls the officers in question the “good guys.” This is where we are?
  • “A restaurant, a bar, is private property, and you the customer have the choice of whether you go in or you don’t,” said Patrick Dixon, chairman of the Texas Libertarian Party. If you’re a nonsmoker, “there are other places that will cater to you.” Why is this so hard to understand? No one else see where this is leading?
  • Robert Guest gives us the 411 about the (let’s be hopefulsome) coming impeachment of a judge — Sharon Keller – who deserves it. And maybe a little jail time, to boot.


  1. justice says:

    Las vegas also has it’s share of crooked cops. Detective Spiotto seems too like bragging about how he can get away with it. The city of Las vegas doesn’t care about its citizens. False arrests are on the rise and there is little if any recourse that a victim of false arrest has in that city. Detective Spiotto believes in Spiotto law; instead of Spiotto as a detective doing real detective work and protecting innocent victims of false arrest.