Vote for Me

I have been nominated for a F#@%ing Great Post award for this.

If I win, I will read the book to all of you.

Vote here.


Edit: Link is repaired.


  1. Heather says:

    I would love to vote for you, but your link doesn’t go to the right place!

  2. TheDepressingTruth says:

    The “Link” doesn’t work….Must be connected to a Diebold Voting Machine

  3. Peterk says:

    he forgot to pay ACORN

  4. keith johnson says:

    It’s working now, Trey’s way out in front

  5. TXMarko says:

    Waiting to hear what happened there? Some commenters on the original thread said that they were told by Dallas PD that their actions were illegal?

    Did you go?

    What happened, dude?