Where I’ll Be Saturday Between 9 a.m. and Noon — Buying Cheap Guns

Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway’s plan is to give $50 Kroger gift certificates to anyone who turns in an unloaded, functioning firearm. The program commences at 9 a.m. on Saturday at Reunion Arena.

My plan is to be there with envelopes containing $65 in cash each, to give to anyone in exchange for really well-maintained, functioning firearms that are on my wish list.

I figure $65>$50, and cash is better than a gift card.

And I will give these poor, unwanted guns a loving home.

So let’s do some business.

UPDATE: I am serious. I’m checking into the legal side of this to make sure my bases are covered, but I don’t see any problem. Sales between individuals aren’t regulated, I’m not required to do background checks on people I’d buy from, and Reunion Arena is public property.

UPDATE #2: I’m looking for a volunteer to videotape this little outing I have planned Saturday morning. Email me at trey@treygarrison.com

UPDATE #3: Oh my. My my my.


  1. Peterk says:

    that’s not a bad idea. maybe other second amendment supporters should do the same thing.. of course I would start with offering $50 in cash then go up if I get no takers

    watch out though for the Brady Bunch

  2. El Rey says:

    I’ll float you some cash and my wishlist, Trey. We can divy up the spoils over some cold beverages and test fire our new guns with the empties as targets.

  3. Does Mr. Caraway have a gun dealer’s license to be purchasing all these firearms?

  4. Tom says:

    I’m all for programs such as the one at Reunion, and have no problem with Trey’s proposal. So for those of us who aren’t “gun people” but favor responsible ownership and use of firearms, it’s a win-win.
    Anything to prevent me from reading this on a regular basis.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just keep in mind that some of the guns may have been used in a crime, and possession is 9/10ths of the law… well, you get it. Be sure you have witnesses for the purchase, to prove you didn’t have the gun till then.

  6. Bruno H. O'kalugie says:

    How do address the issue of whether the firearms are stolen or not?

  7. charles says:

    umm..so let me get this straight..you will be somewhere with lots of envelopes that have $65 CASH in them, and all I need to do is bring in my GUN to get an envelope……..(might want to think the security thru a bit better Trey. Hate to see you at gunpoint.)

  8. Tom says:

    @charles: Trust me, Trey will be well-protected.

  9. huemaurice1 says:

    For 1 $ furthermore we can have Kalachnikof ?
    Can one aim(hold up) the cashier of the grocer’s shop at first ?

  10. September says:

    Beat me to it! Maybe we’ll have to have a little friendly competition down there tomorrow. ;)

    Your comment on the DMN site is spot-on, though – these events are just for show, don’t reduce crime, and do take advantage of the stereotypical little old widow. It’s a shame that companies such as Schepps Dairy and Kroger would sponsor such a sham.

  11. apostle83 says:

    Charles, I would assume Trey Garrison would kill anyone who tries to rob him.

  12. Daniel says:

    Charles- unless you’re his first customer, he’s pretty certain to have more guns than you do.

  13. Steve says:

    Post images and asking prices of your take on Saturday and I’m sure more than a few readers will take a few of these off your hands. I know I’m interested!

  14. Bear says:

    Someone believes an arsenal can be as fully stocked as you like? Do they not know that there’s ALWAYS room for one more?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Make sure you have a box to store these in out of sight (or in your car) so you don’t get arrested for displaying a firearm in public.

  16. Chuck says:

    Looks like you’ll have some competition. Perhaps you’ll stimulate a little gun show. :cool:

  17. The DepressingTruth says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the “Gun Buy Back” seems to target “Minority Groups” over the general population based upon those Media Outlets that are “Sponsoring” the event (97.9 “The Beat” and Univision)

    Wouldn’t this be the same groups that are at the Greatest Risk to be victims of violence thru home invasions?

    I tried to obtain an interview with the Mayor’s Office, but as of this time,they haven’t responded to my request.

    A spokesperson for 97.9 “The Beat” stated that “the motivation is to stop the incedence of accidential shooting of children (..It’s ALLWAYS ABOUT THE CHILDREN…Isn’t it)

    Based upon their intended goals….Wouldn’t it be more cost effective for the City of Dallas to hand out FREE GUN TRIGGER LOCKS ( they could be purchased in bulk for as little as THREE DOLLARS EACH… a “savings” of $47.00 per gun!)

    But there arn’t any FEDERAL GRANTS FOR THAT

  18. Chaos Descending says:

    The lack of rational thought that goes into these “gun buyback” programs and the like is astonishing.

  19. keith johnson says:

    Yo Trey-I’m in the market for a Ruger Single Six,…………..

  20. keith johnson says:

    Anonymous on February 25th, 2009 11:46 am Just keep in mind that some of the guns may have been used in a crime, and possession is 9/10ths of the law… well, you get it. Be sure you have witnesses for the purchase, to prove you didn’t have the gun till then

    It’s always possible to buy a stolen gun accidentally, as Texas is a face-to-face gun transaction state, as well it should be.
    If there is no affirmative link to the possessor and the time of the offense, worst-case scenario is the holder of the gun gives it up.

  21. Rick says:

    “Does Mr. Caraway have a gun dealer’s license to be purchasing all these firearms?”

    Since when do you need to be a dealer to buy guns in any quantity? I’ll give you a hint: Never.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I’ll bring an envelope or two and help you out.

  23. GeronL says:

    good for you

  24. Steve-o says:

    Welllll, it might also be a way of letting local law enforcement know that you’ve now got the largest gun collection in town.

    Presumably there are regulations about storing weapons, and so forth?

  25. Matthew says:

    Would you mind looking for a Marlin 35 or an old Remington 20 gauge over’n’under? My father has decided that they all of a sudden aren’t mine anymore. And I do hate having to steal from family.

  26. Dang, I wish I could be there and bring a few envelopes myself, I’d love an old bolt action rifle or revolver, or anything really! Heck, even an old beat up .22 is worth more than $50! So… good luck with your purchasing!!!! :-)

    Odd how a gun could be used to hunt food indefinitely, but that $50 gift card will be gone in an instant.

  27. chrisb says:

    Sweet. I will film it for you if you have a camera. Where do you live maybe we could ride together, and I can bring a few envelopes as well. Hehehe.

    Awesome idea man.

    Seriously, email me if you still need a camera operator, or some more envelopes stuffed with cash.

  28. chrisb says:

    Steve-O there are no regulations about storing guns, other than keeping them away from children.

  29. TXMarko says:

    I discussed this very idea with coworkers this morning!

    My daughter and family are visiting this weekend, I would gladly join you if they were not already scheduled.

    Good luck, post on your website any you don’t want, and I will be interested in how this all plays out!

  30. Jim says:

    Trey – go for it!!! Buy it all. If you need some front cash, let me know.
    I’ve already written Kroger, Schepps and Dean Foods (Schepps parent) to tell them my business is history.

    Also – please let us know your estimate of the TOTAL number of guns redeemed. The liberal press will lie about it. A recent buy-back in Los Angeles (population 10MM) yielded less that 965 guns at $200 each.

  31. GP40X says:

    Found this from a post on the ARf,con website. A few ARF.comers will be down there too. You never know if a nice AR might show up. I also need to fill out my revilver collection. I’l try to be there with my current blue book. I can wait until the afternoon to head the the TSRA gun show. :-)

  32. GP40X says:

    GAWD FUMBLE FINGERS STRIKE AGAIN. That’s ARF.com and revolver. I can spell just fine, I just can’t typer worth a durn.

  33. keith johnson says:

    I just got back from this dog & pony show. I saw uniformed police officers carrying guns in for folks, I witnessed an older gentleman hand over what looked to be a vintage 1917 Colt revolver, I heard that even a Colt Python was turned in.
    I observed a well dressed man with his wife and two young daughters introducing himself and his family to a man standing outside as he was toting a tube fed .22 rifle he was obviously proud to be turning in.
    I didn’t see anyone that appeared to be a thug or gangbanger, everyone I saw in the short time I could stand to be there appeared to be everyday tax paying citizens, happily turning their arms over to armed governmental employees.

  34. sharon sykes says:

    Were you there? We were told you couldn’t buy a gun in downtown dallas as it was against the law. Is this true? Nice guns were being turned in.

  35. Jason says:

    I too was there and was told by an uninformed officer that my intensions were illegal. There were plain clothed officers posing in the lot as well. This seems like a major scam to me. These morons that turned in there guns were ripped off so blatently it’s a shame. In the short amount of time that I was inside I saw plenty of decent and well maintained guns being traded for $50 kroger cards. On top of all that, these poor saps had to pay $5 to park! It seems to me that if any laws were broken it was the city of Dallas breaking them.

  36. MxH says:

    An individual turning over their equipment for a fraction of its value constitutes a ‘Dumb Ass’. Any time a firearm is taken out of the hands of a dumbass is a good thing.
    Pretty sad to see law enforcement officers abuse their position of public trust to score brownie points with their piers/superiors by taking away evil firearms. lol The people you just disarmed were law abiding citizens. Any reputable crack dealer would’ve taken this opportunity to score weapons, ammo and maintain the tools of their trade.

  37. cc says:

    I don’t see how you can blame the law enforcement officers for this MxH. Just doing their job in my opinion. Also, the police didn’t disarm them., they disarmed themselves.
    I don’t agree with this bulls@hit program and think it moronic, but place the blame correctly on the city council.

  38. TheDepressingTruth says:

    If you want to place BLAME….Blame “Mayor Leprosy” and The Chief of the Dallas Police Department.
    I grew up in Kessler Park/Stevens Park…but I’m PROUD to say that now I live in Tarrant County.


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