About Chief Kunkle

I’m the first to jump on incidents of bad behavior by individual police officers, and I hope no one takes what I say as an attack on them all. Especially the Dallas Police Department, given its challenge in a city like Big D. In my writing and on my blog I try to make a point that the behavior of one doesn’t reflect on all.

One thing I haven’t taken the time to do is give credit where it’s due.

The Dallas Police Department is fortunate to have a leader like Chief David Kunkle. I don’t know I’ve ever met a more gracious, conscientious public servant, especially one in uniform. He really seems to have that innate Sheriff Andy Taylor sense of humility, service, and concern for the public — be it the Taser policy, the no-chase policy, his earnestness in dealing with adversity and loss, his commitment to intelligent, effective crime fighting, or his willingness to weed out the bad apples that crop up from time to time under his command. Mark Davis’ column on the Moats/Powell incident has a money line today that sums it up:

Chief David Kunkle’s sincere apology and apparent revulsion at the infamous dash cam footage should show everyone that his department knows and cares when one of its own screws up.

If anything, that directive of “If we mess up, we ‘fess up” comes straight from the man at the top. It takes a big man to lead with that kind of candor and honesty.


  1. Michael in LH says:

    Right on! The Kunklenator rocks. Whenever I hear about DPD screw-ups I have great confidence that the Chief is going to take care of it. I’m amazed the council has not run him off yet.

  2. Rawlins says:

    I’ve had the good fortune to meet privately with Kunkle in the aftermath my bad fortune to have been on the recieving end a far worse DPD screwup than the Moats’ and again most recently gathering the ingredients for my op-ed profile of his southeast chief Patricia Paulhill. And as I said in the latter piece and Trey says here, David Kunkle is God’ gift to a city in the aftermath of the Henry Wade years and the Terrell Bolton era.

    Speaking of the former Chief…I still wonder what happened to the Mexican men ruined in the fake drug scandal that preceeded Kunkle’s tenure. Why too I wonder was there so little of the rage I have seen and heard over the Powell mess in evidence when the rogue bastards in 2005 railroaded god knows how many innocent guys. But then they were immigrants, not NFL players. How could I forget.