Monday Roundup: Leppert’s Pattern, Badge Behavior & More

Went running this morning, so the schedule is a little screwy. But we’re back in the groove. So, let’s get to it.

  • Mayor Leppert seems to be developing a pattern. Charge ahead despite serious concerns, contradicting facts, and the costs. This seems to be the case in the Trinity issue and with the convention center hotel. This doesn’t look good for his legacy.
  • Mixed feelings here on the proposed Texas shield law: On one hand, as a journalist I benefit from a shield law. On the other, why should my profession get special protection not afforded every other citizen?


  1. Peterk says:

    “why should my profession get special protection not afforded every other citizen?”

    you shouldn’t the internets have served to blur who is a journalist. This nation is now composed of hundreds of thousand of citizen journalists. Folks who focus in on what interests them and keep at it.

    under this law who will determine what a journalist is?

  2. Joshua says:

    Maybe then a journalism degree could be something to be proud of again and give you more reason to make fun of citizen journalists.

  3. keith johnson says:

    BADge behavoir. -why does KERA hafta display a Dallas Police Department squad car along with this article? This story is about a corrupt deputy sheriff.

  4. Yeah, that was sloppy, Keith.

  5. keith johnson says:

    Yeah sloppy, but no real harm done…

    Peterk-I can confess to my priest, or communicate with my lawyer knowing that information is protected, so why as a whistleblower shouldn’t I expect the same with a journalist?