Monday Roundup: Yes Do Nothing, Charity Strategery, Blue Law Blues & More

Challenge: Find the emptiest statement by the emptiest suit. Answer: While hotel opponents say the facility is predestined to lose money, the mayor contends that developing the hotel is a reasonable risk considering “the biggest risk is that you do nothing.” Explanation: Doing nothing won’t cost $550 million, ruin the city’s credit, and result in an empty 1,200-room downtown dormitory that will probably get foreclosed on, just like the city-owned convention center hotel in St. Louis was, just a few years after HVS told St. Louis exactly what it told Dallas.

While local charities are struggling, Mr. Obama (peace be upon Him) wants to soak those greedy rich by limiting their deductions for charitable giving. Strategery!

Headline you just don’t see everyday: “Abilene woman dies from ram injuries.”

OK, my dirty little secret — I don’t drink anymore except special occasions. Granted, everything seems special when you’re on the wagon, but hey, whatev. So I got nothing to gain, anyway, but who could be against overturning the 19th Century prohibition on selling liquor on Sundays, which Texas is considering?

So now even Pat Buchanan is turning against the failed War on Drugs?

What’s disturbing about this video of what may be a kidnapping and may be just a prank outside a Plano Wal*Mart isn’t the potential kidnapping, per se, but the fact that no one in the parking lot even looked twice despite it being in broad daylight and crowded.


  1. Tom says:

    Liquor? On God’s day? Oh noes!

  2. On the Wal-Mart “kidnapping”, I will say in defense of the spectators that a few of them did notify security and then local police so at least they weren’t all apathetic bastards.
    As for liquor on Sunday…don’t we get enough during the rest of the week?
    Besides, imagine the office on Mondays then. ;-)

  3. Frank R says:

    RE: Charities

    Obama’s tax policies aren’t the only threat to charitable donations. There are groups that now want to make sure that all Charities have diverse membership regardless of the good they may do or whom they help.