Someone Explain To Me…

…why Mexico’s problems should serve as a reason to curtail the civil and Constitutional rights of American citizens, please.

Because I don’t get it.

Better solution: legalize drugs in the United States, tax and regulate them, and you take the money out of the drug cartels’ hands. Prohibition only does one thing: it protects and enriches the monopoly the drug cartels have.

Update: Per an alert commenter, here’s a great take on the subject from an American who lived in Mexico and sees through the MSM propaganda.

Wednesday Roundup: Defeat at Victory?, Victory from Defeat & More

You know what starts your day right? A 5-year-old with a 3 a.m. accident from too much chocolate milk (my fault!) and a wife with a 6 a.m. dead car battery (her fault — left the keys in the ignition when getting a CD out last night.) Anyhow…

You know how backers of spending $550 million in taxpayer-backed money on a convention center hotel like to use Victory Park as an example another great city project that used taxpayer funds? Well, you probably won’t be hearing that as much. Granted, Victory’s problems won’t leave taxpayers in Dallas on the hook. The hotel, however, when it fails, guess who’s left holding the bag.

Just remember — if you don’t want to sell your land, stand your ground. You may lose when government steals it to make way for a commercial development. (Land of the free? Home of the brave? Not so much.) But you may make the bastards pay through the nose. Which is something these guys in the SMU lawsuit apparently already know.

The good: Six Flags finally gets its license to sell beer. That bad: It’s 2009, and yet some people still argue that “serving alcohol doesn’t set a good example for kids.”

Define “whiny journalism.”

A long run for a short slide.

Trey in Print, Take Two

Here’s my story on the great ilume development, and how the Cedar Springs gayborhood is undergoing a metamorphosis.

Here’s my take on what W. living in Dallas means for you and me, Joe/Jane Q. Dallas. (Second story down.)

Both in the April issue of D.


More On (get it?) Chazz Redd

My secret blog love Bethany Anderson has a list of other potential city council candidates, using the Chazz Redd qualifier.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Full list here.

Tuesday Roundup: It’s 4:20 — Do You Know Where Your City Council Candidate Is?

chazzreddBy now, everyone’s seen the pic of council candidate Chazz Redd and his dueling explanations. Given the pic on my about page, a recreation of a scene from my favorite TV show Firefly, you might think it hypocritical of me to pile on. But for one, I’m not running for office, two, I’m not half naked, and three, I’m exercising proper trigger discipline, which Redd would be doing if, indeed, he’d just come from a gun safety class.

So while the real cocaine is available on the street, an energy drink named “Cocaine” is banned. But “Coke” is okay. That makes sense.

Dallas has a black widow at work.

Protests against the daytime youth curfew in Dallas and HEB. Thoughts?



If you’re in need of a great web consultant/pooh-bah, check out Grant.

Monday Roundup: Leppert’s Pattern, Badge Behavior & More

Went running this morning, so the schedule is a little screwy. But we’re back in the groove. So, let’s get to it.

  • Mayor Leppert seems to be developing a pattern. Charge ahead despite serious concerns, contradicting facts, and the costs. This seems to be the case in the Trinity issue and with the convention center hotel. This doesn’t look good for his legacy.
  • Mixed feelings here on the proposed Texas shield law: On one hand, as a journalist I benefit from a shield law. On the other, why should my profession get special protection not afforded every other citizen?

Trey In Print This Month

The April issue of D Magazine is out, and there are two pieces by yours truly. Unfortunately, they aren’t online yet. Look for my piece on how the Cedar Springs gayborhood is getting less gay, and my piece on how not to get shot by the Secret Service (and other tips) now that President Bush is back living in Big D.

I’ll put up links as soon as does.

Wednesday Break

Not feeling 100 percent today. Need a day off. Please come back tomorrow.

Tuesday Roundup: Another Weird Day in North Texas

Look, I’m not saying that libertarians have the wrong message, but sometimes we’re our own worst enemies. The one libertarian in the U.S. House, Congressman Ron Paul, R-TX, doesn’t do the cause any favors in his cameo in the upcoming Sasha Baron Cohen movie. Oy vey.

As Dallas City Councilmember Angela Hunt already knows, no good deed goes unpunished.

“Man Accidentally Creates Toxic Gas.” And no, it wasn’t Tim Rogers this time.

I’ve thought for years that the best move for the Dallas Independent School District would be to break it up into five or six smaller ISDs. Now the Lege is considering doing just that.

“This isn’t Russia, Danny. Is this Russia?”

I have yet to understand why the Bill of Rights is void on college campuses.

D CEO Looks at Convention Head Philip Jones

And I have the feeling they’re going to strip away some of the claims about the latest proposed convention center expansion — great idea since “hotel stays by Dallas conventioneers fell 25 percent between 2002 and 2008″ — and the mess of the convention center hotel.

Take a look.