Say Again, Mr. Deputy Pro Tem?

I really like Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, but sometimes I’m really puzzled by some of the things he does and says. Of course, if he didn’t shoot from the hip, he’d be another boring city pol like two-thirds of the horseshoe. Still, Caraway’s candor is at once one of his most endearing qualities, while still something that makes me stop and ask “Really? Whiskey tango foxtrot?”

I’m not alone. My blog-mantic crush Bethany Anderson caught something Caraway said yesterday, which has both of us wondering what kind of black files (sorry JWP) dirty intel Caraway has on his fellow council members. Or maybe it was just the heat of the moment. I don’t know. Go read Bethany for details. Hie, I say.

By the way, I second what Bethany says: “…Caraway has done a lot of good for his constituents, and you’d be hard-pressed to find another council person so involved in his area of the city.” Still, this is one of those WTF? moments.


  1. Tom says:

    I think Dwaine has taken his loyalty to Mayor Tom a little too seriously. I think it may become a liability if Big Hands faces any kind of opposition when he runs again.
    But lap-dog loyalty to George W. Bush didn’t stop John Cornyn from being re-elected, so maybe it will work.

  2. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Well, when one mentions Dwaine and his conrituents in ‘his area of the city’, take a look at District 4. ‘His’ part of the city is the most extreme of all the convaluted gerrymandered ever. ‘His’ part of the city spans from to lower.central areas of South Oak Cliff east almost to Mesquite.

    In fact, Caraway is my councilperson although I live half a city and an entire river away from some of his other constuents. And as of late I have become his fan. I went to his campaign kickoff earlier this week per Dallas Progess Michael Davis’ invite and he made me laugh. No less than he did when he visited my Piedmont/ Scyene Homeowner’s meeting a couple weeks back. He is a bonafide character. But I think he HAS character. I was not sure early on. But I’ve come to believe so. He’s doing his home work, that I gathered. I was surprised to listen to his detailed explanations of why he supports, for instance, the Convention Center hotel.

  3. I like him too, most of the time. Are you just saying all this so he doesn’t dish out the dirt he has on you?

    He knew my name yesterday when we met in the elevator, which made me pretty happy.

    I do have issues though, like yesterdays #39 on the agenda, am I wrong? Are we not overtly giving one business a huge break for their own private interests, while other businesses suffer the consequences?
    The consequences being less business, more crime and more taxes. Breaks should be given that benefit all equally.
    To me this is just screaming “unfair!”.

    I had a lot more issues but that one seemed the most ….. naked greedy.

    Paying $78,000 to Design a playground, not build it… design it, was another problem for me. Give me some crayons, I will design a playground.

    Also, go to those shops he mentioned, the large 8′ tall by 4′ wide “Advertise here” signs that sit in the front of South Dallas Cafe catch your attention.
    I guess what catches my attention is the Contact Dwaine Caraway Advertising for info.


  4. “Are you just saying all this so he doesn’t dish out the dirt he has on you?”

    I’m far too disreputable to worry about all the dirt that everyone has on me.

    Hell, I’m the prime source for most of the vicious rumors about me.

  5. I don’t want to rehash the whole thing. but I will say that the way the story was edited is not the way the conversation took place. That’s why the story seems so odd. And I’ll just leave it at that. I’d rather keep the peace than keep drama going.

    I appreciate people like Rawlins as much as I appreciate the people that have supported Dwaine all of these years. Why? – because they were willing to ignore the BS and give Dwaine a chance.

    Dwaine has one of the hardest jobs on Council. We don’t have dog parks, an arts district, an uptown Dallas which we inherited. In our district he had to start from square friggin one.

    It’s much harder to do what we’re doing, and it doesn’t leave time for histrionics and finger-pointing at the horseshoe. We are trying to restore basic faith in city govt,. services, and hope for the future. And we’re doing just that.

    As far as District Four, it’s Dwaine’s seat as long as he wants to keep running. The Mayor will also have strong support against anyone who challenges in two years.