Someone Explain To Me…

…why Mexico’s problems should serve as a reason to curtail the civil and Constitutional rights of American citizens, please.

Because I don’t get it.

Better solution: legalize drugs in the United States, tax and regulate them, and you take the money out of the drug cartels’ hands. Prohibition only does one thing: it protects and enriches the monopoly the drug cartels have.

Update: Per an alert commenter, here’s a great take on the subject from an American who lived in Mexico and sees through the MSM propaganda.


  1. Carter Class of '72 says:

    Here’s an interesting take from someone who lived in Mexico for a while:

    If I hear that “95% of the weapons confiscated in Mexico come from the U.S.” lie one more time, I’ll scream. If they’re coming from stateside gun stores in those quantities, prove it! Show us the serial numbers and paper trails. Otherwise shut up!

  2. Frank R says:

    The “current occupant,” to steal Garrison Keilor’s phrase, and his people will stop at nothing. I am convinced they firmly believe that we all sit in anger clinging to our guns and bibles. They are a most arrogant and jaded bunch.