Thursday Roundup: Justice, Injustice and Hat Crimes

Dallas Police have made another arrest in the bizarre, brutal smoke shop murder last year. Good job. I’d still love to know just what the hell was the motive here. (Not to self: pitch to Tim.)

I like this. A truly guilty rapist tries to abuse Dallas County’s new openness to re-examining DNA evidence, something which has freed nearly a score of men wrongly convicted. DNA evidence shows the convicted rapist is, indeed, the rapist. Now DA Craig Watkins wants to see if he can get the guy additional time. And he deserves it. There are few greater injustices than being wrongly convicted by the state. There are few lower than people who know they are guilty abusing the new system designed to ensure against wrongful convictions.

And speaking of injustice — one of the cops guilty in the fake drug scandal is getting just two years probation instead of time behind bars. I’m sorry if this offends, but police have to be held to higher standards, especially those who willfully, knowingly put innocent people behind bars.

I like this, too. Sikhs spread awareness with an innovative turban derby. I like it because I don’t like the kind of person who can’t tell the difference between a Sikh turban and a Muslim one. But it does raise the question — is this accidentally marginalizing Islam? And more importantly, what the hell is it with religions and hats?


  1. keith johnson says:

    In that 4+ minute diatribe aimed against Jews and Christians, I caught one semi negative reference to Muslims.
    Carlin’s comedy sure was brave and cutting edge.

  2. Amanda Warr says:

    Trey, RE: Religions and hats…

    you’re forgetting secret societies…they have the BEST hats.

    In fact, I was thinking maybe you should consider starting your own sect…I know a place in Lakewood that has 20 or so old Masons hats from the 30s…though they’re already oddly shaped and gloriously embellished, I’m sure with a few modifications they could be repurposed for your secret society of Garrisonians. What say you?