Thursday Roundup: Race to the CCH Finish, Chihuahua Reunion, Dopes in the Lege & More

The race is now on: the citizen referendum on whether the city should throw away invest $550 million in a convention center hotel is officially on the ballot. Supporters hope the city won’t be able to sell the initial bonds before the early May election. At this point, given the markets, I’m betting they won’t sell the bonds in time to circumvent voters. Say, a 70 percent chance.

Someone get this hero guy a Chihuahua stat. With awww pic.

Empty public relations gesture? You betcha.

Oh, look, another proposed stupid idea from the Lege — drug testing teachers. Why aren’t we drug testing members of the Texas Legislature?

Tell me you didn’t see this backlash against Southwest Airlines coming.

Speaking of airlines, what’s on this reporterette’s mind?


  1. CJ says:

    About the Southwest plane – I’ve said before that we need to fly it to the Middle East and land it at Tehran’s airport, then just park it on the runway.

    Nothing like an American plane bearing the image of a half-naked Jewish woman to piss off those hard-line Islamists.

  2. Bear says:

    The SI swimsuit model pics are being put on the planes in order to distract the increasing number of aliens pacing our airliners. The reason for this is to give everyone on the plane a chance to get their cameras out and take pictures and/or video.

    As for the newsanchor’s errors, this is what happens when Trey visits many TV studios.

  3. Frank R says:

    Sure, let’s turn out the lights, stop driving cars and stop cooking our food. Then all we will need to worry about is breathing. The CO2 mania is only going to get worse now that we have a guy in the White House who thinks global warming is real science.