Thursday Roundup: Where Have You Gone, Sheriff Andy Taylor?

250px-hitler_1928At what point did police — especially the younger ones — lose sight of the fact that they’re supposed to be public servants, not public masters? This maddening incident involving a cop who had to be a dick to a people rushing to see their dying mother at the hospital seems all too typical of the attitude these days, especially among the younger ones brought up watching Cops. What ever happened to the Sheriff Andy Taylor style of law enforcement (common sense, respect for the public, peaceful resolution, humility, service) which you can still see among some of the older officers? (I know a few.) How did we get stuck with these underachieving, knuckle-dragging SA wannabes who think their state-issued costumes give them the right to humiliate free men and women when they don’t show the subservience proper to a slave? I don’t sound light-hearted and snarky? I don’t. I’m disgusted. The mother died at the hospital while this young thug was lecturing the driver. Disgraceful. (And apologies to one of my favorite online writers, William N. Grigg, for borrowing a few of his choicer phrases.)

Manhunt Under Way for Escaped Prisoner. One-armed man observed skulking near the scene. (And like that, the snark is back.)

I wonder if the real reason Santiago Calatrava was in town was to make sure none of his checks from the city of Dallas bounced. IJS.

Cue the chorus of racial breed profiling alarmists. They love these tragic events. (Looking at you, Celeste and Robberson.)

Apparently, Hank Hill is suspected of a double murder.

You know, I’m not religious, and I get the point of the people behind these billboards that are coming to North Texas, but…come on. They couldn’t come up with something wittier? Something to match the very clever “Let’s Meet At My House Sunday Before the Game – God” billboards the church ladies put out a few years back?

If some movie production company doesn’t take advantage of the coming demolition of the old Cowboys stadium, my suspicions about the double-digit IQ average among Hollywood producers will be verified. I may steal Zac Crain‘s idea and just go out there with a cam corder and get the standard “running away and blown into the air toward the camera” shot on demolition day.


  1. Bethany says:

    Speaking of city-owned boondoggles, did you catch Carraway’s paper-thinly veiled threat to Hunt and Rasansky?

  2. No, got a link?

  3. Bethany says:
  4. Jean Valjean says:
  5. JS says:

    Carraway = moron.
    Hopefully not-for-long Officer Robert Powell = ahole.
    Pit bulls = unfairly profiled or guilty until proven innocent? Or problem solved if we just let everyone carry a gun and shoot the ones that attack?
    Hank Hill: has great defamation claim against Trey — that cartoon looks nothing like Hank.
    Blowing stuff up = awesome!

  6. Matt Pulle says:

    Trey, can the chief fire this officer permanently or will an administrative judge re-instate him? Beyond his awful, vicious attitude, this cop shows God-awful judgment and I don’t want him making snap decisions, like ever.

    As far as Caraway and Jerry Allen are concerned, I don’t think they realize that the mayor is not necessarily a divine creature. I would think the recent revelations about the Trinity would have proven that point.

  7. Matt — I’m looking into the broader issue right now of how AJ’s rule. Can’t say specifically about the Powell case.

  8. Hey Trey,

    Re: the NFL Player getting screwed over on his way to the hospital to see his dying mother-in-law. In the old days, the cop would have given him a police escort to the hospital, for safety’s sake. The cop then could have gone into the hospital with this guy and if there was no dying mother-in-law, could have slapped the cuffs on him right there. Or is that too logical? When did cops stop providing public services to the people who pay their salaries? Or did this Junior Gestapo Agent have to get back to roughing up old ladies on the street corner?

  9. Matt says:

    I predict the cop will never be fired, and won’t even face any real discipline. He’s a dick that made the department look bad, but I’ll bet he’ll be able to defend any disciplinary action by simply showing that he went “by the book”. Insensitivity isn’t a crime, and probably isn’t in their rules manual, either.

    The only thing (from the story) I think might get him in some real trouble is the threats of arrest, making up other charges, etc. Even that, I’m not sure of — while I don’t think a “fleeing” charge would stick, since they were stopped 20 seconds after he caught up to them, he could still probably make an arrest with a straight face.

    It’s that type of guy that makes me wish there was some way to follow him around and cite him every time he speeds, rolls a light, or whatever, either off duty or on duty without lights (and a good reason). Maybe even if he doesn’t get formally disciplined, there will be an understanding that he’s an embarrassment that stall out his career.

  10. MATT — Taking a tangent from that, I’ve thought it would be a good idea that in addition to video and sound for all cars, they have a GPS system that monitors speed and movement down to the foot and the mph.

    That info should then be published online, broken down by each car, maybe 24 hours after the shift. (Not real-time, to ensure bad guys can’t monitor where patrol cars are.)

    That way, publicly interested individuals could check location, speed and behavior of the cars for a host of reasons — ensuring officers were where they say they were, that they’re not violating traffic laws when they’re not running code, etc.

    Watchmen bear watching, after all.

    BULLDOG — Great to see you, and great points.

  11. Amy S says:

    So this comes on the heels of PC People’s Merrit Patterson’s pull-over along Central by (it now turns out) a Dallas County Constable. One officer Caucasian, one officer African American, both officers rude and threatening when in situations not calling for aggression.

    Scary who we authorize to be our “force of right”.

  12. Bethany says:

    I do have to wonder, though. Would we be hearing about this so much if it wasn’t an NFL player?

  13. Imagine the story if it wasn’t caught on the dash video. No one would believe the citizen side. Especially a black guy, but really any citizen.

  14. Matt says:

    Amen to that, Trey. And if I’m reading the stories right, Moats’s father in law stayed with him at the car, no doubt in an effort to be sure there was someone there on Moat’s side. He was not at his own daughter’s bedside when she died, thanks to good officer Powell and his power trip.

  15. You’re not alone in this. Noble race that we are, your betters from north of the Red River are stricken with the same cop mentality.

  16. keith johnson says:

    Not all Dallas police officers support the actions of Officer Powell.

  17. Keith — absolutely correct. Bears repeating.


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