Trey in Print, Take Two

Here’s my story on the great ilume development, and how the Cedar Springs gayborhood is undergoing a metamorphosis.

Here’s my take on what W. living in Dallas means for you and me, Joe/Jane Q. Dallas. (Second story down.)

Both in the April issue of D.



  1. Tony Battaglia says:

    Trey, I read your article on the Shores CC in Rockwell concerning IRI Golf and Jeff Silverstein. The Oakridge CC in Garland has been going thru simmilar problems with IRI. IRI has now filed bankruptcy and the members are very upset. They want Mr. Silverstein to be held accountable and would like to know where about $8 million dollars went. They also would like to know if selling annual memberships for $995, knowing they will be closing the doors and not letting these members know, is that fraud. We have started a write in campagn to the Attorney General about all, what we think are illegal practices by Jeff Silverstein. You might be intersted in some of the letters being sent. I was hoping to get some of the Shores members and homeowners aboard but unfortunately don,t know any. Let me know if you are interested in pursuing the story.