Bad Day for the Hotel; Worse Day for Jerry Allen

Really, Dallas? This is the cream of the leadership crop? Really? Councilman Jerry Allen, take it away:

That’s an element of risk that’s out there [with the city-owned hotel]…Of course, by that time, I’ll be off council. So I cannot be held accountable.

Jesus and dinosaurs, air atoms, JFK’s speech in 1972 and so, so much more as Sam Merten pulls back the curtain on one of the many wizards running Dallas. Take a look-see.


  1. Bethany says:

    If I were a Vote Yes head honcho, I’d make an endless loop of John Wiley Price and this, and just play it on tv and radio, with a simple, “Vote Yes blah blah blah” at the end.

  2. Dommerdog says:

    If John Kennedy made a “go to the moon speech” in 1972 (or 1972) like Mr. Allen said he did, why hasn’t he come back to make a pro-hotel speech? Oh, but there’s still time…

  3. Dommerdog says:

    I meant 1971 (or 1972), not 1972 (or 1972).

  4. Tom says:

    JWP won’t like the analogy, but it’s nice to have an “Ebony and Ivory” collection of strange, unexplainable viewpoints on the Vote No side.

  5. Dallasite says:

    Unfortunately, he’s right. He’ll be off the council, and won’t give a damn if Dallas is bleeding money.

    Oh, and yes, this seems to be the very best that our fair city has to offer in terms of political leadership.

  6. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Reminds me of the first of my two 1970s fiancées (yes Trey, on this your anniversary let it be noted that I gave at the office) who, after asking ME to marry her, told me that ‘if the marriage fails’, it would not be her fault.
    I made note and voted ‘No’ for thathoneymoon hotel.