Daily FB (and other) Comments Thread

Here it is again. Speak your piece on FB items such as the running Burl Osborne commentary on whether the new media will destroy the old. (Initial post, and yesterday’s first follow up.) Or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Also, check Matt Pulle‘s latest story for Texas Watchdog on how the Republicans are striking back at the man who brought down Rep. Tom DeLay.

Or get into whether a mere girl who sometimes blogs American Idol can also provide witty commentary and depth insights into bigger issues. (My vote is yes.)

Then there’s the debut tonight of Dallas DNA which looks at the ongoing exonerations from DNA evidence of now a score of Dallas prisoners. Can’t wait.

Sound off.


  1. amanda says:

    Re: Burl Osborne, ctd.

    The issue isn’t with the “destruction” of newpapers (or any new/old media), it’s the MONEY. Without the ad (classified) revenue, the old business model can’t continue in its current form. It has to adapt and change, or…die.

    Tim’s example yesterday wasn’t exactly apples to apples…he used the cassette tape. It was vinyl first (of varying speeds), then the 8-track (and oh, how I love you Billy Thorpe, Children of the Sun), then the cassette, then CD, and now…

    Prior to the interwebs…the papers were the only game in town for classified advertising.

    FB is local, yes, but can they show us an example of a local paper (anywhere)that has adapted?

  2. amanda says:

    Re: the Starck

    Good times. Good times.

  3. Tom says:

    Newspapers died throughout the 20th century, and a few have even died this year. But the deaths came from towns that had two papers (Dallas) or morning and evening editions of the same paper (Kansas City).
    When a major metro area loses its only paper, then Mr. Osborne will be proven wrong. Still, unless they adapt and change — and find revenue streams to replace lost classified income and figure out how to assign a value to online news — I’m gonna still say it could happen.

  4. Daniel says:

    I say it has to be one or the other. You must be a fusty, glowering frump or a frivolous, empty-headed floozy with InTouch Weekly covers framed on your bedroom wall.

    And no, there’s no third choice. Sorry ’bout that.

  5. El Rey says:

    Re: Prop 2 Would Stymie Growth

    I keep wondering how Prop 2 ever made it onto the ballot. I think the era of the unions as a force for positive workplace safety and fair wages is over. The unions are now a political/business entity without any real benefit to their members or our nation. Soapbox moment – finished.

  6. Bethany says:

    El Rey –

    I have a theory, based on how I was approached by the Prop 2 people. They talked a lot about the hotel, and promised this particular thing would stop the city from ever being able to do it again, unless it came to a vote.

    I could see a sales pitch like that pulling in enough signatures to make it to the ballot.

  7. Prop 2 Would Stymie Growth

    Prop 2 proponents like Paul Osborn, of the local Libertarian Party, say it’s all about government “transparency,” and checks and balances.

    Paul Osborn should be tarred and feathered. He’s no libertarian.

  8. Bear says:

    No, he’s a Libertarian. Big difference, besides capitalization…

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