Daily FB Comment Thread

Free range comments welcome on the day’s FrontBurner topics, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Quit walkin’ and get talkin’.


  1. Ed Cognoski says:

    FrontBurner? Are they still around?

  2. Just for the record, and not prescriptive — while I understand that comments being turned off on FB is a legitimate topic for comments, I’m not doing this as a platform for gratuitous FrontBurner bashing. This feature is here so the regular crew — if they so choose — can discuss whatever is posted on FB on any given day. I’ll keep it going as long as there’s interest.

    I’m not going to censor — I’d just as soon go out in public unarmed — but I don’t endorse attacks on FrontBurner, either.

    I don’t have any written rules. All I ask is that people keep it interesting. Clever forgives all. And a little profanity goes a long way, so try to keep it PG-13. Otherwise, have fun. Oh, and attacks on me are always welcome.

  3. Bethany says:

    Example: Damn it, Trey. Now I have to go shitcan my next comment. But I effing love Frontburner.

  4. What the flock? Will that work?

  5. Re: Is The Commercial Real Estate Shoe About To Drop?

    I had lunch with a top broker yesterday, and he says he thinks it won’t be so gloomy. His take is that most of the institutional owners don’t want to sell their properties, and so they’ll continue to underwrite the losses until the cycle comes full circle. It’s optimistic, yes, but realistic.

  6. D says:

    Your article in the DMN on Prop 1 was the best article I have read on the topic so far. Well done.

  7. Bethany says:

    Why bother phrasing the headline in the form of a question if you’re the only one that can answer it?

  8. RayRay says:

    In the “Commercial Real Estate” post, it looks as if poor old Wick still has trouble with links.

    If only there were a way to let him know about the error…

  9. Mister Charlie says:

    The “Commercial Real Estate Shoe” is indeed about to drop for the RIP Kiddies, Enough is Enough, et al, hence their rabid campaigning for taxpayer stimulus in the form of a convention hotel.

    After eight years and trillions in wars and bank bailouts, I become alarmed whenever politcal leaders use fear as their main selling point. Remember that first pro-hotel mail piece showing downtown in ruins? Now tombstones. To use apocalyptic imagery to sell the convention hotel is an insult to the citizens of Dallas.

  10. amanda says:

    Okay, for those of you in the cheap seats…in the print product of D, there used to be a “blurb” of butt throwers. It identified the make/model of the car, and the location of the thrown butt.

    It was very controversial. Tim is being IRONIC. By posting something that previously got him in trouble, he’s being funny. Sorry y’all don’t get it…

  11. seat taker says:

    >>> Amanda
    We’re ALL in the cheap seats. D has demonstrated its contempt for everyone who isn’t in a NM diamond encrusted royal throne. The inside jokes are fine for inside emails around D, but inside jokes on its blog “about Dallas” doesn’t work for the vast majority of Dallasites who are in the “cheap seats.”

  12. Grant says:

    I’m with you Bethany on the question w/o comments post from Wick.

    2ndly – Naming names just to be a dick is pretty low of Tim. I’m sure something set him off this morning and he was going to take it out on somebody. But if you’re going to do it, might as well go Avi and BD on folks and name EVERYONE.

  13. amanda says:


  14. Grant says:

    I think mostly because in a span of about 2.5 seconds I was able to figure out exactly where the girl worked, lived, facebook photo etc.

    Would it have hurt Tim to maybe shoot an email to the girl to say “Hey, I saw someone in your car today throw a cigarette out the window. Would it kill you to dispose of them in an ash tray? Thanks.”

    He’s got a powerful sword with that blog, but he needs to learn how to use it correctly. Now you’re going to have people stalking this girl out.

    What if she had made an illegal u-turn? Not yielded to a pedestrian or merged without a blinker?

  15. Brett says:

    Amanda, I get it. I do street work in the city. I’ve been urinating between cars in nearby parking lots for years. Some things just come with the job. People need to accept that and just chill.

  16. amanda says:

    Thanks, Brett, and I’ll watch where I step.

  17. towski says:

    @ Amanda

    I’ve only recently come to the print product (and the electronic one, for that matter), being that I’m not a lifelong resident.

    Does it help if I say that I would have found it inappropriate in that medium, as well?

  18. Jack E. Jett says:


    The cheap seats are where all the fun people are. You should try them some time.

    The only butt you need to be concerned with is Timmy Hilton Rogers who seems to have morphed himself into an authentic version of Thurston Howell III
    Personally I find Timmy funny as hell but then again, I think I’m funny too.

    In honor of you, Amanda, I am on my way to Anaheim to set up a booth
    for http://www.animalaidunlimited.com/ for Belinda Carlisle. In honor of
    Timmy, I am going to take a piss out the window of the limo on the 405 while on the way.

    Speaking of cheap seats, give Timmy’s butt my love.

  19. RayRay says:

    Whoa, Jack E. Jett in the flesh.

    As for Tim, he’s a dick.

  20. AS says:

    Hmmm, yes I can see that this is a highly intelligent discussion of the days events as posted on FrontBurner. We Get It. You don’t like the people there, so what – get a life.

    Instead you subject others to the over-and-over diatribe of Tim’s body parts and make fun of Wick’s full name (like I heard that back in elementary school guys). Uuugh, another blog brought down.

  21. @AS

    Not sure if you meant that directed at me or not.

    I started this feature only after I got explicit blessing from the other editors at D Magazine.

    I’m a contributing editor there, consider Wick a good friend, and, well, I have been guilty of diatribes about Tim’s body parts, so you have me there. So if you think I don’t like the people there — excluding Tim, obviously, who I hate — you’re off base.

    I’m providing this as an open forum for discussion. Sure, we’ll get some trolls and dorks, but my hope is that until D works out it’s new comments policy, this will be a forum for regular FBvians to continue their discussion about FB postings.

    Finally, hosting an open forum for comments will not bring this blog down. What will bring it down will be the inevitable event of me drinking a fifth of Jameson and then posting pictures of my junk. Start the clock.

  22. Jack E. Jett says:


    The Jameson is on it’s way.

    I expect a “junk” posting by 7pm.

    To AS, thanks for letting me know the reason I don’t have a life is due to my lack of love for the Tim man. Now, I have a major decsion to make.

    I dig Trey, and I dug Adam, and I use to love Eric until he got all Abercrobie and Fitchy, and I think Nancy takes cool photos of birds.

    So does that leave me with a semi life?

  23. AS says:

    Yes, and I apologize for playing poorly on the playground myself.