Friday Roundup: DWI Checkpoints, Good Cop, Hotel Vote On & More

Robert Guest uses the video of a DWI stop from a pretty infamous ex-Dallas cop to show why the new bills authorizing DWI roadblocks — despite their promises of protections that require reasonable suspicion — are no protection at all, given that some cops will outright lie in the field, lie under oath, and lie as often as they accuse suspects of lying. I’m sorry, but it’s true. In the video, the officer admits he smells no alcohol but would administer a field sobriety test anyway. Then the officer testified in court, under oath, that he did smell alcohol. As Robert notes, jurors automatically give cops the benefit of the doubt and trust them, versus those accused of drunk driving. And most cops are smart enough not to admit they don’t have reasonable suspicion or probable cause on video.

After a couple of weeks of bad news, do you want some good news about the Dallas Police Department? Here you go.

Who wins here? Dallas voters. Regardless of the outcome, they will get to decide whether the city of Dallas should go into the hotel business. (Somewhere, Philip Jones and Ron Natinsky are holding each other, alternately cursing and weeping. The power of this blog surprises even me.)

You know, with as many fat little kids as you see waddling around and just using common sense that says kids shouldn’t be cooped up in a school house eight hours a day — why the heck do we have to make it a state law to have recess? But I’m glad someone’s pushing it. Drop the homework for kids below high school level, abolish TAKS, and let the kids play.

Creepy guy at Woodrow Wilson alert. Bonus: He’s a teacher.

Just for fun, watch this:


  1. Ed Cognoski says:

    “And most cops are smart enough not to admit they don’t have reasonable suspicion or probable cause on video.”

    It sounds like you just accused “most cops” of dishonesty. Is that what you mean?

  2. Sorry if I wasn’t clear — I meant most of the cops who would lie under such circumstances are smart enough not to make an admission on video like Powell did. Early houritis.

  3. Rachel Dillard says:

    Anybody else having a problem with the Creepy Guy link?

  4. Bear says:

    What I really want to know about is why DHS is using the military to conduct seat belt checks in Tennessee. o_O