Is RIP Dallas Ripping Off Rage Against the Machine?

RIP Dallas has unveiled its latest video ad on the Youtubes. Apparently, 21 people with red umbrellas hit Victory and spelled out NO. Or NU, to be technical.

Here’s the video, which the astute viewer will note uses Rage Against the Machine’s “Bulls on Parade” as a soundtrack.

I have an email into the group to find out whether they secured the rights to use the song.

Given that it’s Rage Against the Machine and what Rage stands for, I’m betting that like the word spelled out at Victory, it’s a big red NO.

(Fits the pattern and creates a FAIL trifecta: RIP Dallas stole an idea (the freeze) and executed it poorly, they stole the music and executed it poorly, and they want a public works project that, when it starts bleeding from poor execution, will require the city to dip into Dallas taxpayers wallets.)