Prop Number Two is Well Named

My secret Internet girlfriend, Bethany Anderson, (shh, don’t tell anyone) explains why Prop 2 — which would require a referendum on all projects getting more than $1 million in incentives from the city — deserves a resounding NO vote on May 9.

Go, read, and keep that thing about my crush on Bethany under your hat.


  1. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Guess I’m too politically jaded at this point to guess if Councilperson Hunt wants this one to pass. By now, it’s all a grabass bag of past gas.

    But per your thread: Tu novia Beth can smell when it’s methane or sulfuric emissions being passed. Or cheap thrill hot air trial balloons like Prop 2.

  2. Nathan says:


    If you want to know Councilperson Hunt’s position on something, I’d advice you to check her blog. Unlike her colleagues, she is articulate and plain spoken on just about every issue.