School Lockdown Over a Loaded Cell Phone

Via an alert … TGvian? (Will Tim send me a cease and desist? Let’s say “reader” and play it safe):

Look, you want schools to err on the side of caution, so I’m not saying the lockdown was wrong once they got the report. But people are going a little gun hysterical when a kid carrying a cell phone prompts a school lockdown because a visitor (one who clearly has crappy eyesight) at the school feared the student had a gun.

And handcuffing the kid was way over the top.

A DMN commenter had an interesting observation: If someone yells fire in a crowded theater when it was only an usher’s flashlight and it caused the kind of anxiety and fear among theatergoers that a lockdown does for these kids, would there be any liability for his recklessness? Should there be for the kind of person who can’t tell a cellphone from a handgun?