Thursday Roundup: Does This Look Like a ‘Q’ to You?

  • There’s no part of this story about Ryan v Margolin that I don’t love. Keep. It. Coming.
  • Meanwhile, Bud Kennedy shows that the Guv is really going after the mouth-breathing crowd. I mean, yeah, I believe it’s been 100 days/100 epic fails, but are we really going to continue hearing this “Obama’s not a citizen!” stuff for the next four years? This is the right-wing’s version of the water-headed left-wing’s “the 2000 election was stolen!” whine.
  • Seriously though, if you are really worried about the swine flu epidemic, your risk factors, and possible symptoms, here’s a web site that will help you self diagnose —
  • And in two bits of Twitter news, first, if you’re not following the anchors and reporters from all three of the primary local network news stations, plus NBC, then you’re missing dozens OF cheery “morning” updates!!!! LOL :) that … well, it’s like getting a new blog post from Jane McGarry every 10 minutes. Or having Steve Blow text you.
  • Also, I’m getting love tweets.12


  1. amanda says:

    Going out on a limb here…Trey had his Wheaties this morning.


    *courtesy of my 13 year old…suspected case at her junior high…

  2. I don’t know or care who Steve Blow is, but I imagine he triumphantly puts his arms in the air and says “Steve Blow” when thing are going well.

  3. MaxGirth says:

    I guess it’s better than Steve Text blowing you…:unsure:

  4. El Rey says:

    FB feedback –
    RE: Warriors of the Discotheque Brings Starck Club Back to Life — And So Will Another Documentary

    Two movies about the Starck Club? Really? Didn’t they make a movie called Studio 54 a few years back? Pretty much the same thing, I think.

  5. amanda says:

    @ El Rey…naw…the Starck was a unique place that could have only happened in that time/place (like 54). It fueled a different kind of subculture. I’m not sure they can get it all in during a 19 minute documentary.